The Influence Of Young Adult Literature

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In English classrooms, underneath the readings, essays, and grammar exercises, lies a basic goal that goes far beyond simply improving language skills. This goal is to spark a passion for English, whether it be reading or writing, in the hearts of students. However, this poses a challenge to teachers, as they must find a balance in the classroom that will engage students. It is difficult to create an environment in which students will enjoy English when educational standards have to be me. A solution for this is to incorporate more young adult literature in English curriculums because it has the potential to make students more interested in English as they often view such literature as indulgent and only for enjoyment (Caillouet & Sanford 65). Young adult literature has faced significant resistance, but it should be incorporated more into English classrooms …show more content…
Before recognizing the value of young adult literature, or YAL, it is important to understand exactly what young adult literature is. The many misconceptions about the genre lead to people viewing it as useless or bad. A common false belief is that “young adult literature” simply means classic books often used to teach youth in schools. In reality, these books are those that are a part of the canon of older books which teachers and administrators believe to contain educational value (Crowe 120). This may lead people to mistakenly

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