American Teenagers Loathe Analysis

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Laura Turner
AP Lang period 2A

Questions for discussion

3. Prose is implying that “the new-model English class graduate” is less likely to question or think about current issues and that they are used to not reading closely and not focusing on the book as a whole.

4. Prose directly blames society for the state of the education system, she also indirectly blames everyone for not doing anything about it. No, I do not feel blame has any effect on the cogency of her article.

Questions on Rhetoric and Style

1. Prose appeals to ethos in the following ways, In the first paragraph she establishes herself as a responsible parent, she has experienced first hand how boring some of the books her sons have read are. She also establishes herself as an
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Yes. I feel that if Prose had interviewed students and teachers it would have strengthened her argument. If she had interviewed students she would have gotten to hear different people's opinion and it probably would have strengthened her credibility. She also wouldn’t of sounded so biased if she had gotten someone else’s opinion besides her own.

9. American teenagers loathe according to Prose because, the reading they are assigned is mediocre, teachers encourage students to see themselves in the books rather than really understand what is being said, some teachers have methods that “narrow the world of experience down to personal” (paragraph 40), this prohibits students from understanding the book as a whole and teaching literature just for values or character makes it much more boring for the student.

10. Yes Prose does offer a solution to this problem. She thinks that the way these books are taught should be changed. She thinks that teachers should have the students analyze the meaning of these books, not ways in which it applies to their lives. One quote that stood out to me was “Books are written word by word and that is the way they should be read.” That statement summarizes what her solution

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