Analysis Of Bartleby The Scrivener

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Every college student has their own opinion on the choice of selections that they are forced to read. Depending on each person and what interests them, a story can be enjoyable or even uninteresting. Also, depending on the religious background, a story might even be offensive in some ways. Every person has their own opinion about reading in general. The four selections, “Life after High School”, “A Rose for Emily”, “A Jury of Her Peers”, and “Bartleby the Scrivener”, all have different reason for being included in my text book.
The story “Life after High School” by Joyce Oates was very interesting. The plot structure of this story is a good example of how complex a plot can be. In the beginning, the story is introduced with the scene right as Zachary comes up to Sunny’s house asking for her hand in marriage for the second time. From that scene it jumps back to the high school days explaining why the beginning scene was so significant and why it should lead up to the climax. This purpose of this selection being in my
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The story is conducted with a theme of carelessness and sharing. This selection is surrounded by pressure of doing good deeds and having a conscious heart. The lawyer shows the readers the ways her used in helping out his clients. This story is an important selection in my textbook because it interprets the language of writing in a unique way. Similar to “A Jury of Her Peers”, the content exposes information differently than basic stories. The different clients faced by the lawyer show how the emotions and actions of an individual can change how they are treated in the end. Selections like this one are very important when in a first year composition class because it prepares us for the upcoming research papers about subjects of this matter. The conclusion of this story came as an “eye-opener” in the reality of forgiveness and giving. This story is a great

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