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  • Controversial Themes In Young Adult Fiction

    Young adult fiction has become a popular and often controversial genre in recent media. The genre encompasses fiction published for readers from 12 to 18 years of age, yet can contain sensitive and complex topics such as suicide, self-harm and death. Such novels have been widely criticised by parents and primary care givers in an attempt to protect their children from the seemingly macabre subject matter contained within. In spite or because of that, it is posited that adolescents should indeed be exposed to these controversial topics in young adult fiction, so that they may safely be exposed to such themes which facilitate the learning of important life lessons from the safety of their bedroom, enabling them to develop mental resilience and…

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  • Latin And Greek Influence On Young Adult Fiction

    Young Adult fiction has always been enriched with ancient myths, folklore and legends. This can be seen from The Chronicles of Narnia to Harry Potter. By using myths and alluding to ancient sources in Young Adult fiction this has normally guaranteed these books to be a success. The main books which will be focused on in this dissertation are the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. All of these books, according to the…

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  • Mal Peet's The Keeper: Young Adult Fiction

    The Keeper Mal Peet wrote books best known for young adult fiction. His first novel was The Keeper, which is a novel under the categories of young adult fiction and sports fiction, took him three years to finish and was started when he was at the age of 52. The book is about one of the world’s greatest soccer goalies and how he got to where he is coming from a small, poor logging town. Mal Peet wrote The Keeper is such a unique way. It includes tension, mystery, and excitement. It’s memorable…

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  • Half Priced Books Case Study

    Half-Priced Books The children’s and young adult’s section at half priced books is not everything that one would expect it to be. Both sections were at the back of the store stuffed into a small corner area which made each section feel very small. There were also more parents in these sections than children, but my description of these areas may explain why this is so. Overall, I felt that these sections were more laid out for adults to buy books for their children than for children to come…

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  • Sex, Post-Feminism

    vol. 23, no. 4, 2011, pp. 497-511. Bullen, Toffoletti, and Parsons’ article explores postfeminism as represented within popular young adult literature. This is significant because young adult books influence their readers at a critical point in their identity development. These novels are another aspect of the media that “…inducts girls into larger cultural narratives about what and how they should desire, and enact that desire” (502). As a result, the authors of this article see young adult…

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  • Why Perks Should Be Banned

    Another concerned parent, Jean-Pierre Bolat in Wallingford, Connecticut, stated that Perks should be banned because it is a “glorification of alcohol use and drugs. I don’t believe in censorship, but believe in appropriateness.” This raises another issue: who determines what age is appropriate content for this area. Of course the parents believe that they are first and foremost indicator on what educators should teach their children. In comparison, Julia Tomiak--a mother, blogger, and young…

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  • Wicked Lovely Analysis

    Marr, Melissa. Wicked Lovely. New York: HarperTeen, 2007. Reviewed by: Gao Xiong If you can see things that the human eye can't see, what would you do? It's like seeing a whole new world that you didn't know that it existed. The book Wicked Lovely was created by Marr, Melissa which had the genre of romance, fantasy, and young adult. Aislinn see thing that human eye can't see which causes her to be different from other humans. She could see fey, fey disguise as human and they don't know that she…

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  • Epic Of Gilgamesh Genre Analysis

    Ender is isolated from his squadmates and forced into different armies. His squadmates don’t really consider him to be a “friend”, but rather someone who they trust and like as an authority figure. This scenario can be quite depressing and might strike a chord for some readers. Ender is pushed to the limits by those who see him as the one who will finish off the Buggers, which doesn’t bode well for his mental health. Having high expectations of someone so young can cause unintended…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Outsiders And The Hunger Games

    Hunger Games Vs. The Outsiders Over the years there have been numerous young adult novels that contain violence within. Some contain a good portrayal of violence and some have a bad portrayal of violence. When thinking of what exactly is a good or bad portrayal of violence two famous novels come to mind. One being The Outsiders and the other being The Hunger Games. When both of these books come to mind, one of them is a good portrayal and the other is a bad portrayal, in this case the bad…

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  • Hatchet And Lord Of The Flies Comparative Essay

    The structure of Hatchet follows the most common structure of young adult novel. Brian experience a separation, an initiation, and a return all within this one book. Brian’s separation begins when he is on the plane with the pilot, thinking about his parents’ divorce and ‘the Secret.’ It is when the pilot dies and the plane crashes that Brian’s initiation begins. The initiation portion is majority of the story then finally, Brian is rescued, denoting his return. Instead of just ending with…

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