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  • Young Adult Literature

    “Reading Pop Culture and Young Adult Literature Through the Youth Lens” from the January 2015 edition of The English Journal discusses a professor’s implementation of a curriculum for teacher candidates that encourages future teachers to identify and consider the portrayal of societal constructions of adolescence in various texts. Through biological, psychology and pop-culture perspectives, teacher-candidates learn to question the dominant narratives of adolescence and see future students on an individual level. The article also periodically offers suggestions about implementing a similar curriculum in a secondary classroom. By applying a youth lens to pop-culture texts, the teacher-candidates begin to see some of the harmful ways that adolescents…

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  • The Influence Of Young Adult Literature

    goal that goes far beyond simply improving language skills. This goal is to spark a passion for English, whether it be reading or writing, in the hearts of students. However, this poses a challenge to teachers, as they must find a balance in the classroom that will engage students. It is difficult to create an environment in which students will enjoy English when educational standards have to be me. A solution for this is to incorporate more young adult literature in English curriculums…

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  • Young Adult Literature Essay

    birth one is not truly conscious; in marriage one has a partner, even death is faced with a life’s experience by one’s side,” said David Van Biema in. Throughout these “coming of age” years, young people are trying to adapt to the world around them while struggling to fit in. Young adult literature often helps students to understand and cope with social issues, pressures, and other problems relevant to their age group. Additionally, these books create an “escape” from reality for the reader.…

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  • Censorship In Young Adult Literature

    One major problem with censorship consists of arguments over inappropriate reading for students. Even with a little rough language, some families feel that their kids need to abstain from such books. Others argue that many teens’ lives are much more difficult than any book and overall books help them learn how to deal with their struggles in life. Challenged several times, the novel, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, written by Sherman Alexie asks whether the challengers…

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  • Theme Of Death In Young Adult Literature

    Much of the Young Adult Literature written today, especially in the fantasy genre, involves death which is frequently used as a way to push the plot line further and motivate the protagonist, whether it’s the death of a loved one that they need to avenge or a villain they seek to kill. Often times, death is also used as a way to identify the villains in the story. It is something that is also used as a way to emotionally relate to its demographic. However, does a dangerous pattern emerge from…

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  • Character Development In Young Adult Literature

    High School is a unique time period life for teens. Social development, physical maturation, and academic learning can all be noted as important aspects of High School. Personally, I loved high school and learned a lot in looking back. Within Young Adult Literature, readers watch characters learn and develop time and time again. Often, protagonists are able to look back at their journey at what has happened throughout their experiences and see their own development. With high school being of big…

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  • Libraries: Current Trends In Young Adult Literature

    For this assignment, I chose two current trends in young adult literature and explored titles which showcased those trends. The two trends I chose were ethnic diversity, and strong female role models. Both of these trends have become more influential in this genre in recent years. There were many books to choose from, and I found multiple titles that exemplified these themes. I evaluated those titles for how well they displayed the chosen themes and fit into the genre of young adult…

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  • Should People Use A Negative Effect Of Social Media On People?

    social media by teens and young adults has increased tremendously. Should people spend less time on social media? The negative effects of social media have always outweighed the good. There are many positive things open on the internet. If someone wanted to find an old friend or teacher they could use Facebook. If you have a business and needed to promote yourself social media is one of the best tools and it’s free. Many things come with social media. Cyber bullying has been one of the biggest…

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  • Books Should Be Banned Research Paper

    Essay #2 Censorship and Banned Books A person that challenges a book so it will get banned is foolish, ignorant ,and absurd. The American Library Association defines a Challenge to literature as an attempt by a person or a group of people to have literature restricted or removed from a public library or a school curriculum . Challenging a book is making a book more famous, because people now become curious and wonder why it's being challenged. People that want a book banned and decide to…

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  • Teenage Rebellion In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    The topic I decided to extended my knowledge about is the idea of teenage rebellion. Why must teens want to resist and stray as far away from their parents word as possible? A question with a vague explanation. In the piece of literature, Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare, two teenage lovers completely ignore their parent’s rule to not intermingle with the opposing family. The research I have completed has gone to show that teenage rebellion is the intentional defiance of parental guidance…

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