Physical Security Research Paper

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Another physical threat to supply chain security is related to facility maintenance and how it can be structurally vulnerable. These vulnerabilities can come in many forms but can be protected with a variety of access controls such as perimeter security (i.e. fencing, barriers, security guards, etc.), and monitoring equipment such as surveillance and alarm systems. It is imperative that preventive maintenance procedures are scheduled for these security devices to identify any environmental wear and tear or suspected tampering. As with all other supply chain security issues, written procedures should be produced and preventive maintenance schedules should be followed to keep security current. Compliance with facility maintenance must be standardized across supply chain networks to have the utmost success in the security of goods and personnel.
Physical security is a great first line of defense to deflect intruders. It visually discourages an intruder to see physical barriers in addition to armed personnel guarding the perimeter of a facility. A facility that has well maintained security will not only promote the protection against terrorist threats, but will also support an organization’s goals to maintain a strong flow of supply chain deliveries and thus maximizing
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Lessons have been learned from the tragic events in recent U.S. history, that acts of terrorism are premeditated through the surveillance of weaknesses in supply chain supply chain security. The shift to preventive security has drastically changed the ways that supply chain security manages its risk. Supply chain abilities to secure international business relationships are of premium importance to the U.S. government and its citizens. It’s realistic to say, that regardless of an intruders agenda, they are never going to give up on seeking to

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