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  • The Pros And Cons Of Political Cartoons

    This image depicts the public’s perception of the issue of global warming. In this image a whale that is labeled “global warming” is seen to be tipping over a mass of ice that a group of penguins are on. Bagley very intentionally placed specific objects to represent ideas that have much greater meaning. First, the author could have chosen any animal to depict the the issue of global warming, yet Bagley chose a whale. The reason behind this deliberate choice is that whales are the biggest animal on the planet. So, by using a whale to represent the issue of global warming, Bagley was suggesting that the issue of global warming is one of the biggest on the planet at the moment. Additionally, whales are often given a connotation of being harmless animals, especially when looked at in comparison to sharks, yet many whales actually prey off of sharks. Showing how the whale in this image symbolizes an issue that is disregarded due to its lack of severity but in reality is a very dangerous issue. Additionally, the way that the ice is angled carries great significance. The way that the ice is presented represents a few things. The first…

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  • Regeneration And Border Crossing By Pat Barker: An Analysis

    Abdu Lounici Mr. Grant ENG 4UI Friday December 11 2015 Lending Hand In life, many people commit actions which they later regret down the road, and in turn try changing their morals or lifestyles to compensate for their poor decision making. The novels Regeneration and Border Crossing written by Pat Barker both show that very different problems can have the same solution. In this case, Tom Seymour a child psychiatrist from the novel Border Crossing who is playing a very relatable role to that…

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  • Pentadic Analysis Example

    fund. The scene of the Checkers speech can be further explored through assessing the political climate of that time period. The division between the commoners and the privileged elite had been a familiar theme in American politics. Agent Agent is the third step and it is about who is involved in the act. It identifies what company or persons are involved that is creating the conflict, and what are they doing to create it. The agent in the speech is Richard Nixon. While in other speeches, the…

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  • Individualization Of Climate Change

    The world is in denial, climate change is happening, and the earth is dying because people are killing it. A clear example of this denial is seen in the decline of news coverage regarding environmental change, “in 2007, the three major U.S. networks—CBS, NBC, and ABC ran 147 stories on climate change; in 2011 the networks ran just fourteen stories on the subject” (Klein, 34). People do not want to hear about climate change and decreasing natural resources. Continued denial will be the downfall…

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  • My Pursuit Of Success

    “Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom,” (George S. Patton). We all face through hardships, failures, and cause mistakes once in a while because no one is perfect, but what makes us as success is overcoming the struggles we face. I have overcome many throughout my life, being born with a cleft palate, constantly moving, and my first year of college experience at Texas Tech University. Moving to the land of opportunity with no background or fluency of English at the age of 7,…

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  • Dorothy's Diary Analysis

    Through the course of this assignment transcribing and interpreting Dorothy’s diary, there was a great amount of information to be gleaned about her life. While some aspects of Dorothy’s life, such as specific details about herself, are lacking, she provides plenty of evidence from which to draw conclusions about her employment, location, age, activities she does for fun, how she travels around, and the people she teaches and with which she works, shops, and goes out. To begin, it is clear…

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  • Personal Narrative-Executed For Crimes At Home

    I’m one of the lucky ones. At least that’s what mother always used to tell me. I wonder what she would say now. Father had a different view on things. He demanded that I never leave the house and that the world know nothing of my existence. I didn’t sneak out of the house till age 13. Who knew that 3 years later I would be on my own? What about your wonderful loving parents, you ask? They’re gone now. “Executed for crimes against The City”. Drifting in the ashes that surround this hellhole I…

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  • Informative Essay: How Coaches Have The Power To Change Lives

    Coaches have the power to change lives. I can humbly say this as all my coaches, both good and bad, have taught me in some way what it takes to be a good athlete and most importantly how to be a good human being. They have taught me life lessons that I can only hope to preserve by instilling them into my athletes in my time as a coach. The articles I have chosen to highlight in this essay show how coaches have helped to develop character in athletes, how they pushed them to be the best on and…

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  • Emily Dickinson A Clear Midnight Analysis

    For instance, Pat Bagley, a cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, depicted a scene in which a woman reads a newspaper about the death threats that a feminist speaker has received. When the woman remarks “this should shame all utahns,” the man replies that he agrees. However, the man is depicted as only seeing the words “feminist speaker at Utah college” instead of the whole headline of “bloody death threat against feminist speaker at Utah college” (Bagley). This cartoon represents the prejudices…

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