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  • Pathos, Logos And Reflection

    Reading Over the course of the semester, one of our goals was the improve our reading abilities in a way that chiseled our talents in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating different arguments and select examples of pathos, logos, and ethos. Pathos is the use of emotional arguments, logos is the use of logical arguments, and ethos is the use of another person’s credibility when composing an argument. My First encounter with attempting to analyze a persuasive argument was during the composition of the Rhetorical Situations Blog. While trying to identify the rhetorical differences in their arguments, I was unable to, which was made obvious when my major differences in two arguments were articulated as, “Although Farris and Morrison share similar views, Farris’ language has sarcastic undertones while criticizing the ANWR proposal while Morrison’s has urgent and serious undertones.” I focused more on analyzing the tones used in their writing than the actual differences in their arguments or rhetorical elements they employed. During Dean Herron’s speech on Ossian Sweet, I was much better able to identify examples of pathos and…

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  • Locavores Dilemma By Ethos Pathos Logos Analysis

    Pelletier successfully demonstrates what locavores are and explains what life would be like living as one. Pelletier better explains what people should be aware about when becoming a local eater. In Pelletier’s article he clearly states and uses logos to explain the facts of why people should not be locavores and overshadows his less successful portrayals of his use of ethos and pathos. In Pelletier article he successfully demonstrates the use of logos throughout. He starts off strong by stating…

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  • Pathos, And Logos In Michael Levin's 'The Case For Torture'

    The idea of torture can scare many people. In today’s world torture is now viewed as a thing of the past; a solution to our ancestor’s problems. Yet in reality, the dilemma whether torture should be used or not is still an issue. Many people would automatically say torture should not be allowed, until they are told millions of lives depend on it. Michael Levin is the person that made many readers second guess their answer to that simple, yet difficult question. The article “The Case For Torture”…

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  • Ethos Pathos And Logos For Atticus's Closing Argument

    Prompt: After analyzing Atticus’ argument and learning about Aristotle’s three appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) what pieces of Ethos, Logos and Pathos evidence are strongest in Atticus’ closing argument? Why? Explain why each piece of evidence is powerful and which form of rhetoric (ethos, pathos, and logos) applies. Explain in three thorough paragraphs. Your final writing piece should be structured like this: Introduction sentence Paragraph 1 Quote 1 (Ethos, Pathos, Logos) including…

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  • Why Is Brutus A Hero In Julius Caesar

    Caesar started. After the war with Pompeii, citizens of Rome label Caesar as a hero and lots of people support Career. Brutus and the other conspirators are planning to kill Caesar because Caesar is getting too much power (citizen’s support). Caesar was first stab by a conspirator name Casca and the other conspirators, including Brutus rises from kneeling and stab Caesar to death. After Caesar’s death, Antony asks if he can give a speech on Caesar 's funeral and Brutus let him with the condition…

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  • Gay Marriage Rhetorical Analysis

    Pathos is the emotional or motivational appeals; vivid language, emotional language and numerous sensory details. The author uses pathos when he talks about how many children who have homosexual parents are questioned in school. He talks about instances where the children are out playing with other children and are asked out of nowhere, “why do you have two mommies”, or “why don’t you have a mommy or daddy.” Since the children are usually young they do not mean to say it in a mean way. The other…

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  • Argument Analysis: Saving Healthcare

    In his article, Lynch talks to a man that, “sat in the shade of the hospital entrance, as if to guard the nothingness behind him. He remembered what had taken place there. When the Nuer "White Army" attacked, around 3,000 people took shelter in the hospital.” (p. 16&17) This argument is not strong because it only shows the viewpoint of someone that is living in South Sudan and going through the troubles the country is facing making the argument weaker than it could have been. In Justin…

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  • Analysis Of 'What Makes A Good Documentary?'

    As Stewart Dunlop, writer of “What Makes a Good Documentary?” Said, “the essential element of a good documentary is simple, the story.” What makes a worthy story and how do we gather it? It all starts with the art of persuasion, done by appealing to logos, ethos, and pathos. The first component is logos where the creator makes a claim or argument that is later proven using evidence like action or still shots that are credible and reveal the truth. Next is ethos, this is when filmmakers keep an…

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  • Persuasion Pros And Cons

    A great example of an advertisement using pathos is a commercial promoting Dick’s Sporting Goods. The commercial starts with a father buying his young daughter a basketball hoop for Christmas. The daughter becomes very excited when she sees the hoop and immediately hugs her father. The commercial then cuts to his daughter, but this time a few years older, playing basketball with her friends at the same hoop. She makes a shot from a far distance and all of her friends cheer, genuinely impressed.…

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  • How To Save The Rainforest Rhetorical Analysis

    This image is very credible because it comes from a Major corporation called “The Nature Conservancy“ which is dedicated to protecting the rainforest. This image uses logos very strongly. In this advertisement the right decision is to help put an end to the destruction of the rainforests, although it may not not have that many words the image definitely speaks for itself there is defiantly chaos towards the back of that picture and it's pretty obvious that something needs to be done before it's…

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