Dorothy Diary Analysis

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Through the course of this assignment transcribing and interpreting Dorothy’s diary, there was a great amount of information to be gleaned about her life. While some aspects of Dorothy’s life, such as specific details about herself, are lacking, she provides plenty of evidence from which to draw conclusions about her employment, location, age, activities she does for fun, how she travels around, and the people she teaches and with which she works, shops, and goes out. To begin, it is clear that Dorothy is teacher in a school. We know that she is a teacher, as this is a thread that runs throughout her diary. For example, on November first she writes about overseeing another man, Mr. Wilson, setting up a new playground at the school where she works. She writes on the same day about looking at “my room” at the school so as to measure the windows and doors to …show more content…
She writes about people named Mr. Wilson, Mr. Brownell, Mrs. and Mr. North, Miss Sheltuck, Mr. Farwell, among others. These people are almost all mentioned in the context of the school, and its renovation or other school related activities. Therefore, these people are possibly her coworkers and fellow teachers at the school. She also mentions her mother on November seventh, ninth, and tenth, with whom she voted and went into town. On the tenth she also writes that a John Freeman came for dinner and to spend the night, and he is who takes her to the Northwestern football game on the eleventh. On the twelfth she mentions him again, writing that she took him to see her school in the afternoon, then they walked to Highland park and she had him over in the evening for dinner and puzzles. John is likely a friend, or possibly a date of Dorothy’s. Finally, on the tenth and the thirteenth she writes about students of hers. Billy and Betty are mentioned as students when mother came to school to visit them, and Emma, a new student, is written about as

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