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  • Essay On Pastoral Interview

    For my pastoral interview, I choose to interview the Senior Pastor of Huntington Central Church (Disciples of Christ) Rev. Jacque Parlato. I started the interview by asking Pastor Jacque to describe her call to ministry. More precisely I asked her to describe her calling from the time she first received it up until now. During this question Pastor Jacque began by telling me about her background and early life. She informed me that she was born and raised in Santiago California, to parents that she described as people who didn’t have everything put together. As a child, Pastor Jacque said that she did anything and everything to go to church, whether she had to go with friends, neighbors, on a bus, or even walked; she did everything she could to have the opportunity to worship along others in…

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  • Pastoral Care: Compassionate Communication Analysis

    Pastoral care is an art form of ministry, God’s love and care, offered to communities, humanity, as well as one self. This type of ministry takes scripture, theology, and personal experience and graph them together to create a firm foundation in which transforming care can transpire. Throughout the course of pastoral care, author Deborah Hunsinger, Theresa Latini and Margaret Kornfeld have presented some very vital information pertaining to becoming effective in pastoral care. In this paper, I…

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  • Sports Coach Assessment

    This post will identify a set of criteria which to use to evaluate the effectiveness of a sports coach, a teacher, and a senior pastor referred to henceforth as leaders. Each of the items will be listed in order of highest priority to least. Next, the item will be justified along with how each item difference from each leader. Lastly, how each of these criteria can be measure will be looked at. This post is written from my personal perception of the job of these individuals and the roles that…

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  • Marlowe As A Love Poem Analysis

    scene is pastoral and idyllic, of the simple shepherd surrounded by his sheep in a beautiful rural paradise. The weather is usually perfect, but when it is…

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  • Youth Practicum Narrative Report

    my future. Me and my parents were welcomed into the James River Youth building by a crowd of sophomores that were chanting may name. I saw some familiar faces that i have met over the years and that made it all the more exciting for me. One of my best friends, Daneisha, was one of those faces and she took my picture for my student ID. This was her job because she was in the Communications Practicum her 1st year, but this year she is in the Youth Practicum. {PRACTICUMS: Each JRLC student picks…

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  • An Analysis Of Marlowe's The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

    The flowers that the shepherd lists are supposedly romantic to the woman. He claims that he will grow a lot of flowers, which are expensive. Considering the shepherd’s financial position, growing many flowers is beyond his role of herding animals. He also wants the flowers that he grows to last forever. He does not realize that flowers need long-term care to continue growing. The poem suggests that the shepherd may grow the flowers, but he may not end up caring for the flowers in the end. He…

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  • Analysis Of Christopher Marlowe's 'The Passionate Shepherd To His Love'

    In “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” by Christopher Marlowe and “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepard,” by Sir Walter Raleigh, both poets focus on the central idea of love. These poems were written in Pastoral Tradition, which celebrates the beauty of nature, and almost has a perfect setting. The details given in the first poem describe a shepherd who thinks idealistically and romantically. Whereas in the other poem, the Nymph believes realistically and disproves the belief of the perfect world…

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  • Rural Life In 'Cousin Phillis Hope Farm'

    In Cousin Phillis, Hope Farm is portrayed as a pastoral idyll, idealising the virtues of rural life that is unaffected by the implied ills of modern civilisation. Unlike Dickens’s dystopian industrial city of Coketown, it is teeming with natural beauty, “so full of flowers” that they overflow from the court and stretch across the pathway to the back of the house (Gaskell 10; pt.1). When Paul Manning arrives at Hope Farm, he is exposed to “the soft September air” that is “tempered by the warmth…

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  • The Passionate Shepherd

    Renaissance period were to feel: living in a countryside accompanied by a lover. However, the Pastoral poem of the 16th century had great influence from “the earliest pastoral poems which [...] are found among the Idyls of Theocritus, a Greek writer who lived in Sicily and in Alexandria, in the third century before Christ.” (“The Pastoral: Ancient and Modern Wilfred P.”). Through the lines, the reader can notice that the story is “[...] presented in an idealized natural setting, [where] they…

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  • Introduction To Pastoral Counseling

    The pain in the hearts of many is ongoing and unending. Therefore, our contemporary world needs holistic healing more than ever, and not just physical healing for the victims of Ebola. 12 Donald S. Browning, "Introduction to Pastoral Counseling", in Clinical Handbook of Pastoral Counseling Vol. 1, Expanded Edition, ed. Robert I. Wicks, et al. (Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1985), 5. Dr. Robert Yoho, Dean of the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery; Des Moines University Foot And Ankle…

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