Youth Practicum Narrative Report

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Walking in the first day, I was very nervous but I felt very excited at the same time for my future. Me and my parents were welcomed into the James River Youth building by a crowd of sophomores that were chanting may name. I saw some familiar faces that i have met over the years and that made it all the more exciting for me. One of my best friends, Daneisha, was one of those faces and she took my picture for my student ID. This was her job because she was in the Communications Practicum her 1st year, but this year she is in the Youth Practicum. {PRACTICUMS: Each JRLC student picks one area to be involved in and to serve in at the church. It is one on one ministry training and mentorship as well as experience in the field that
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Being in the missions practicum, we don’t have a place that we can serve on Sundays that really correlates with our practicum. I decided that I would do something out of my comfort zone and volunteer in the kids area on Sundays and serve in Youth on Wednesdays. I didn’t pray about this, I just jumped right in and assumed it was right because it was out of my comfort zone and as christians, we are supposed to "step out onto the unknown waters.” I even talked to a children’s pastor and I was going to help out at the new James River North campus that was opening literally that Sunday. I felt a good feeling about the North Campus. I thought this place couldn’t get any better but then at the first Wednesday night service, I went to the south campus. I was completely expecting to walk into the youth building and just check it out so that I could become a Wednesday night volunteer, and that’s what I did. It is kind of funny because right when I walked in and got signed in, I felt an uneasiness about being there. So I left the youth service and went to the main service. That was the right choice,it was so powerful, from the worship to the word from the pastor, and it is amazing when you are in the place you’re supposed to be, God will put your spirit at ease. After the service, one of the staff members, Savannah Lindell, who I already knew a little …show more content…
This is something I have found to be so true recently. While I was with Savannah, getting to see the process of how she writes, practices, and prays over her communion messages for the Wednesday night prayer services {which is one of the many amazing things I get to watch and learn from her}. Savannah asked me if I would be apart of the Chapel production team! This is a very cool thing because I am a freshman, who literally just got here and I am getting all of these amazing opportunities. So I am apart of that team, where I get the chance to also meet even more amazing leaders in that position when they are preaching at chapel because my job is “front row headset” where I communicate anything the leaders/pastors would want with the people in the back. I also get to handle the mics. and just serve the leaders in any way they ask me to. SO COOL. This week, I was given the chance to give a devotional to my college group and speak to my group before pastor John spoke. God is so good and God speaks through pastor John in such an amazing way guys…like… you don’t even

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