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  • Elderly Population Research Paper

    Gerontologists refer to young old people as 65 years old age to 74 years of age (Novak 34). As for people who are 75 years old to 85 years old, are considered old-old. People who are 85 years and older are considered the oldest-old. These oldest-old people are different from the elderly population in many ways. A few differences include, lower incomes, multiple chronic conditions, and are growing to be biggest population among the elderly age groups. The geriatric population is growing and…

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  • Blueshield Association: A Case Study

    Baumgartner 10/24/2014 HIMS 1410- Principles of Insurance Instructor: Jazmine Konyek BlueCross BlueShield Association (BCBSA) is a company that consists of more than 450 independantly, and locally operated BlueCross BleShield plans that give health care coverage to more than 80 million Americans. The BCBS is located in Chicago, Illinois, and establishes standards for new plans and programs, Assists local plans with enrollment activities, national advertising, public education,…

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  • Health Care Reform Research Paper

    Health Care Insurance seems to be the major topic of discussion at this time. The health care reform debate has been a rising issue for several years. The Affordable Care Act expands access to millions of Americans. It focuses on increasing coverage, minimizing cost and the social burden of health care to individuals. Health Care is very crucial to everyone, but not affordable to everyone. Plans should be put in place to help the American people. No one should feel forced to choose a plan that…

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  • Gamblers Should Be Free Essay

    self-inflicted injury, illness or disease? Every man and woman may feel entitled to live their lives as safely or as dangerously as they wish, but I believe that people who purposely ignore medical warnings are not the most deserving of the free medical care offered in this country. Such individuals should be asked to pay for the cost of treatment of diseases or injuries caused as a result of their poor personal decisions. Each year health problems associated with smoking, alcohol abuse and…

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  • Cultural Barriers In Health Care

    Immigrant health issues, including: lack of access to health care, lack of insurance, lack of education, language barriers and fear of prejudice all have an effect on our communities, the United States as a whole and how we deliver proper treatment to those individuals. The main issue that I will talk about is the communication barrier, its issues and some solutions. The high level of immigrants without insurance is partially explained by the lack of or low levels of education. With low…

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  • Health Care Environmental Analysis

    Environmental Assessment of Today’s Health Care Today’s health care system faces a number of challenges: from commercializing via various media, rising consumerism among patients, digitalizing medical records, and rising health care costs as well as demands. In other words, the health care system is in a constant evolution phase. As a result, there is an increasing focus on the environmental scan model, which uses the organization’s external environment factors to plan the organization’s future…

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  • EHR In Health Care

    Caregiving facilities benefit from using electronic health records (EHRs) with improved care and coordination as well as increased patient wellness participation. The systems also facilitate easier information access and improve evaluations and outcomes. These digital archives also save on labor costs by creating less staffing demands and improving workflow. Electronic Information Management in Healthcare Electronic technology improves how people create and share information. These…

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  • Elma Case Study Ella's Case Solution

    End of Life Care also referred to as Hospice or Palliative care is focused on making the patient as comfortable as possible by providing an array of services for the patient. In Ella’s case the social worker must use a framework objected towards Ella’s illness and pain. At the end of life much attention is given to the physical, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient. Additionally, the Social Worker must create an agenda designed to deliver care to the family as…

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  • Nurse Residency Report

    Nursing Residency Program With the increase in life expectancy of the aging population and the emergence of complex diseases, patient safety and quality of care remains a priority across the health care settings; however, evidence reveals that nurses are not adequately prepared to meet the demands of clinical practice. According to Welding (2011) new nurses have difficulty performing practical skills and transitioning classroom knowledge into the new role. The purpose of this paper is to…

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  • Summary: Harnessing The Therapeutic Power Of Volunteering

    Source : Alspach, JG 2014, 'Harnessing the Therapeutic Power of Volunteering ', Critical Care Nurse, vol. 34, no. 6, pp. 11-14. Available from: 10.4037/ccn2014239. [17 April 2015]. Key findings: substantial amount of health benefits, ‘the affirmation “It makes me feel good” represents a considerable understatement of the actual physiologic beneficence accrued.’ reported benefits range across career, social, and health dimensions. career benefits - work experience, skills, have greater chance…

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