Nursing Informatics : An Impact On Every Advanced Practice Profession

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HealthIT Topic of Week
Valerie Ritter
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Nursing Informatics
NR 512
Dr. Rebecca Glenn
October 1, 2016 HealthIT Topic of Week
Nursing informatics has an impact on every advanced practice profession in nursing. The impact that it plays on the nurse executives holds so much importance. According to Simpson (2013), nurse executives sit at the executive table during technology evaluations and routinely find themselves ill prepared to debate with their physician counterparts. To be put simply, nurses are the patient’s voice we have a responsibility to do right by them and remain educated so we can do this to our utmost ability. This paper will discuss a HealthIT hot topic and how it relates to the executive nurse leader role. Next, pros and cons on how this hot topic impacts the nurse executive and how informatics skills are utilized in regards to this subject. In conclusion, a summary of what the key concepts learned from the assignment and how it can impact the future of the advanced practice nursing profession will be identified.
Security and Privacy Ensuring and maintaining a patient’s right to privacy is an area of great concern. The topic of security and privacy can touch many areas related to patient care whether it be cyber attacks or HIPPA compliance, nurse executives have a diligence to ensure a patient’s health care records are kept private. According to Dvoark (2016), getting ready for and responding to HIPPA audits can be a…

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