Adoption Of New Technology Systems Essay

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Adoption of New Technology Systems
The development and implementation of new information management systems have become a unique, definitive features of the modern health care system because a new health information system have profound impacts on the entire health care continuum. The passage of Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009; makes it imperative for health care organizations to adopt the Electronic Health Records (EHRs) (Hoover, 2016; McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). The healthcare nurses are the frontline caregivers’ are key stakeholder within the health care industry, the adoption of a new technology system is costly, challenging and indeed meet resistance amongst the workforce if not correctly adopted, hence; the nurse leaders have the ability to influence a smooth modification by evolving and disseminating an efficient and successful strategy.

According to Lee (2004), the Rogers innovative-diffusion model recognizes the methods by which innovative knowledge are acknowledged or disallowed. With the implementation of innovative technology, people are apprehensive with the relative advantage, compatibility with existing practices, simplicity, trialability, and observable results of the new technology (Rogers, 2003). As the nurse facilitator, to avert the recognized innovation resistance, I will exploit the Rogers (2003), Diffusion of Innovation five qualities as a foundation to conquer the nurses’ worries related to the…

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