Children Of Affluence Summary

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In "Children of Affluence" author and physiatrist Robert Coles discusses what children of wealthy families go through and explains that all wealthy Americans exhibit a sense of entitlement. This article is part of one of the five Pulitzer Prize-winning volumes in Children of Crisis (1967-1978). Cole is qualified to discuss such a matter for he studied the issues of children, and got hired as a professor of psychiatry, at Harvard University in medical humanities, as well he did researches. Coles present state that the prosperity of family is not the reason that might spoil the child but he stresses the effects of wealth aren’t necessarily corruption rather it’s based on. The article is effective in defending his thesis. In fact he appeals to …show more content…
His example serves as logical evidence, as well as having emotional appeal. Coles thesis is clear and could be debatable, Coles uses logos to reinforce his credibility, by focusing on statistics. as it was clear for some might disagree and say that wealth could spoil and cause the children to corrupt, that’s why the author supports his statement by providing all the necessary background information, he uses very clear and understandable vocabulary and also provides basic timelines, like when he interviewed his patients, their ages, parents occupations and all that, each section of the article offers enough strong evidence. On the other hand, despite how strong his argument is, the author seems to mention a fair amount of unnecessary information and minor details that drift away from the main topic, and weakens the impact of the argument. His logical approach is effective by giving his audience a multiple examples which makes them understand it …show more content…
His essay is very effective in the way he utilizes logos and pathos in appealing as a part of speaking to his intended audience even though he could have been more specific in ways for the faculty to address the issues he sees. What also make it strong "It is important that a child's sense of entitlment be distinguished not only from the psychiatric dangers of narcissism but from less pathological and not all uncommon phenomenon known as being spoiled"
Basically, Coles conveys a viable argument for his unique gathering of people through his utilized of logos, ethos and pathos. He completes what is in a general sense expressed in his thesis. On the other hand, despite his effective use of examples, his argument would have been more viable if his logic was more developed. Additionally, this would have made him more credible according to the audience. Beside this, he creates successful emotional appeal that is proper for his audience. For the audience, the usage of pathos and logos is strong, since he is educated and presents a reasonable

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