Ibsen's Change In Gender Roles

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This passage is found at the end of the play and shows an intense conversation between Nora and Torvald, in which Nora finally finds the courage to tell her husband that she will be leaving him and the children to go back to her home town. There is a distinct change in Gender roles in this passage, compared to the previous parts of the play, as Nora takes on the dominant role which in the nineteenth century would usually belong to a male. There are rapid switches in mood and tone throughout the passage from both Nora and Torvald; this allows the audience to see how determined Nora is and how detached she has become from her husband, it also allows the audience to gain an insight into Torvalds true feelings towards Nora. In this passage Ibsen …show more content…
Not going to bed? You’ve changed clothes” the concern is Torvald’s voice grows as it becomes clear that this is the first time that Torvald has had no control over Nora and has no idea of her intentions. At this point in the passage Ibsen wants the audience to know what is about to happen, however, the intentional use dramatic tension between the characters is used by Ibsen to make the audience more engaged. Throughout the first part of this passage it is clear that Ibsen is trying to show a change in Gender Roles that would cause a shock in society according to the time ‘A Doll’s House’ was written in …show more content…
Finally, when Torvald comes to a realistion “A chasm has indeed come between us. – Oh, but, Nora, might it not be possible to fill it” it becomes clear that Torvald does in fact love Nora, although, it is too late. The misunderstanding between both Torvald and Nora has become too vast to improve as Nora feels that Torvald is nothing but a stranger “I can’t stay the night in a strange man’s room”.
The final page, where it is seen that Nora is leaving the house, it is the final proof that Nora is completely detached and emotionless, like a Doll, “No I say, I don’t take anything from strangers.” Finally, Torvald is left in a distressed state “Empty, she is not here anymore” as he comes to the realisation that his wife has left and he has now become the Doll who will have to look after the children and live up to societies expectations, just as Nora

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