Yellow Personality Test

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Starting the test we were told to do the first section, this included questions 1-30. On this section we were told to base our answers on how we were as a child, there would be four words per number, out of these four words, we had to pick the word that we thought was the best even if there were more than one word we thought could work. After we finished answering those we tallied up our answers. Then we moved onto the second section and this time it gave us seniors and we would have to pick how we could react/feel if we were in that situation. This time it was based off of how we are now as adults. Then we tallied up all the results and ranked them in order of highest to lowest. This relates to our class because we have been talking about relationships and communication, for both of these topics, I think it helps us better understand the people around us and how to approach them. …show more content…
My opinion on this activity is that I loved it. I have been looking forward to it for many weeks once you mentioned it at the beginning of the semester that we were going to get to do a personality test. I also thought that I was cool to see how everyone else scored, especially to see if anyone would have the same color as me. This was the first personality test that I have ever taken, I thought that it was quite cool to see that I was a yellow/white. I’ve also printed out the same test for my Grandmother to see how she would score as well. Overall I definitely think this is a in sight as to who we are as

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