Visual Elements Essay

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I was fascinated to learn about the elements in Art. I had always thought that art had no organization, guidance or system. I thought that people just painted or drew pretty much whatever they wanted with no apparent rules. The Visual Elements that Getlein mentions on chapter 4 consist of the following; line shape and mass, light, color, texture and pattern and last but not least; time and motion (Getlein, 2012). These elements are intrinsically woven in art!
Who would have thought that all these elements are essential to art? For example; the line is something so simple yet extremely powerful in any form of art. It can be portrayed in many ways such as a simple mark; a line with a greater length and greater width. At times it conjoins many
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I have seen art that has dimensions that provides depth that is very palpable. These are my favorite, the ones I can touch. The way space is portrayed depends on the artist. Each one brings space to a whole new meaning depending on their individual work. Space is an extremely important element in any form of art.
Making good use of it is extremely important in regards to: color, light and even circles. As the artist advances in his work he is able to tweak the art to his emotion. This is turn will result in a beautiful masterpiece that definitely defines the person creating it! Now let’s move on to color. In regards to art, especially in paintings; color is King! It is the star of the show! This is what Getlein’s says about
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If it wasn’t for color maybe most of us would not like art at all. The colors provided in any work of art are totally to the discretion of the one constructing it. In regards to such important element, the colors that always get my attention are: green, orange and purple. We all know that primary colors are: blue, red and green. I believe with much legality as blue as the sky, red is the color of blood and green the color of nature. From these many other secondary colors are formed that are widely used among artist and painters.
In regards to Olafur Eliasson’s work I could not believe I had learned so much in just 5 minutes. This video was the kind of video you just want to watch over and over. I have never ever encountered an artist so polyfacetic. I know they are out there, I just have never known one. He is the vivid representation of art! The use of his words describes nothing but a poet that just makes his art comes to life. His work is mesmerizing! Just by looking at you can notice how much art is involved in modern architect.
As I was able to realize Eliasson creates art through architecture as well… His work is breathtaking! The use of circles, light and color are extremely important in his work. Proof of this is the colorful Aarhus- Rainbow Panorama. It is truly amazing. He designed it in a circular form. It is full of colors, hence the name! It is also full of

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