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  • Pallet Warehouse Case Study

    1. Calculate the pallet floor space requirements for a warehouse given the data provided in the Excel worksheet. The pallet floor space requirements are calculated as follows with the information provided. Average pallet inventory 2441 Average unit inventory 732346 Peak pallet inventory 3051 Effective pallet storage capacity 2746 Required number of pallet storage locations 3231 Floor space requirements 87235.4 2. Multi-use warehouse in which cross-docking, case picking, and broken case picking operations occur. WAREHOUSE LAYOUT In the above warehouse layout, I considered the space available to design as 100% and the percentage allotted for all the operations in the warehouse is given as follows: Process Percentage of allotment…

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  • Kegworks: A Case Study

    At the manufacturer there is the packaging of the goods, and how you specifically want it done. Once they opened up a container that had nothing on pallets, just 400 boxes in the container. This container came from India and the manufacture didn’t want to pay for the pallets because they have to be fumigated and its costly Kegworks actually had products on one of Hanjen’s ships that got delayed off the West Coast of South America because of the recent issues with them. This caused them to lose…

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  • Pallets Case Study

    types of pallet materials The theory below highlights the criteria that can be used for the packaging scorecard. This will assist in the evaluation of the performance of the type of pallet materials according to these criteria. 2.6.1. Performance of pallets It is imperative that when choosing a pallet, the specified performance requirements of the pallets matches the actual accessed pallet capability to ensure the safety and functionality of the unit load (Rupert, 2011). However, with pallets…

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  • Pallet Trucks Case Study

    The purpose for employing pallet trucks is to facilitate movement of pallets from one location to another. Not only do pallet trucks make pallet transportation simpler, but it also eases the burden of loading and unloading heavy pallets in a safe manner in addition to considerably minimizing transportation times. Due to the heaviness of many pallets, pallet trucks must be both strong and functional. Pallet trucks are typically used in industries, such as warehouses, chemical and…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Wood Pallets

    Recently, there has been some debate as to whether or not wood pallets are safe to use for food transportation. Consumers and owners of businesses have both questioned the safety of pallets due to past recalls and claims by pallet manufacturers. However, it has been found that wood pallets really are safe to use for transportation, and there is nothing to worry about. There is absolutely no evidence of a relationship between wood pallets and food contamination illness. People have raised their…

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  • Case Study Of Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing

    Course: Operations management Enterprise Project: Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing Organizational Structure Organizational structure plays an important role in the development, and arrangement of tasks. This is because the structure of an organization is used to coordinate department, and tasks such as coordination, allocation, and supervision. These activities are geared towards the achievement of set…

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  • Contamination In A Trailer

    Imagine, for a moment, that you are about to load flour pallets onto a reefer trailer. You inspect the trailer and notice an odor that smells similar to raw meat. As you walk to the nose of the trailer, you notice a reddish liquid in the grooves of the floor. Do you load the trailer because the product you are loading is on pallets? Or imagine that the trailer you are inspecting is swept out and clean, but you notice large cracks in the floor of the trailer. Do you reject the trailer? Do you…

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  • Candy Labeling

    logos, codes, and other identifiers should be high-quality, high-resolution graphics, text, and barcodes. Coding & Labeling on Boxes and Pallets Labeling pallets that are to be shipped to large retail stores must be properly marked before shipping. Pallets should be marked on at least two or three sides of the boxes or pallet. Often, you will see plastic wrap enveloping the whole shipping load on a pallet with labels on the plastic. One of the most important aspects of industrial inkjet…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment

    ask questions. A problem was brought to my attention that we had reports of a product that had infestation problems, the product in question was Bird seed. I myself had to look into this straight away as it was a problem that would immediately impact Amazons customers. I first had to locate which product this was and would ask the associate who brought this to my attention to show me the location. After inspecting the product it was found that there were small black creatures crawling around…

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  • Case Study: A Frame Chicken Coop Design

    then this raised hen coop is what you want. It lies on cedar posts, which are set in concrete, and it has an enclosed area beneath covered with 1/2"metal hardware cloth. This backyard chicken coop also has a sloped roof, two doors (one for people, one for the chickens) and a small gate in the enclosed cage, which gives your hens access to the large chicken run. Link: 13. The DIY Wood Pallet Chicken Coop Project A mini hen farm is a…

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