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  • Art Progression

    To Take a journey in art is to follow a path that is never-ending; you will never know all there is to learn and discover. Artistic expression is constantly evolving and developing with each passing day. To be a successful artist, I believe that one must evolve and be on a continuous journey—a journey that is defined by education and skill. My interest in creating art came at an early age. I use to draw in the dirt and hand build sculptures out of the mud. Nature was my canvas and my medium. I…

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  • Victoria's Short Story: She Goes To The Hospital

    what’s wrong! Bailey is now in the MRI machine and I am in the waiting room at Mercy. The technician brings me in and I gets to see Bailey. Bailey is now saying mom! Because she is embarrassed with her mom. Bailey is now going to lie down on the pallet to be tested he asked Bailey if she wants to listen to music and she says classic. Victoria is thinking that she listens to Z-98? Victoria is *pacing in the hallway thinking to herself about Bailey* Baileys room is in the main part…

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  • Raw Food Persuasive Speech

    Give it to me raw aspires to transform a social event for foodies into a community cultivating dining experience. Indulging participants to share their gifts with others in a euphoric celebration of healthy living. Held August 29th in association with happily natural day, a grass roots festival dedicated to holistic health, cultural awareness and social change. Held August 29th thru 30th at Planet the thriving Manchester area. Give it to me raw will reach a wide audience of both raw food…

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  • The Monomaniac In Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait

    painting. Nevertheless, the maiden of rarest beauty compares to the fawn; therefore, the young maiden is affectionate and values everything except for the Art that she hates her opponent. Particularly, the maiden of rarest beauty fears only the pallet and brushes that place her at a disadvantage from the expression of her love for her lover and spending quality time with her husband, the…

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  • Always Do Your Very Best: Colin Powell

    “Always do your very best!” This is the theme that inspired Colin Powell throughout his life. He learned to live this mantra from his parents, the army, and his strong courage. Colin Powell never truly excelled in academics or in physical activities, but his parents kept pushing him to do his best. Colin said himself, ‘Their attitude was “Do your best-we’ll accept your best, but nothing less.”’ Colin’s parents wanted him to attend college to strive to be a better student, and for him to work…

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  • Analysis Of The Film 'Hot Pepper'

    I wrote my music essay on the movie Hot Pepper. Hot pepper was released in 1973. The documentary alternates brief scenes of Clifton Chenier and his band playing in local joints in Lake Charles, informal conversation between members of the Creole community, and scenic shots of the people and places of Southern Louisiana, Lafayette. Most of the community is African American and speak french. Chenier is considered the king of Zydeco, a blend of blues and R&B music. During the shows of Clifton…

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  • Analysis Of The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

    My mom and I set out to try and match all of the shades and brands with one brand that we found online. Eyeshadow was the hardest to buy. Not only can you only buy it in groups of three with pre chosen colors, its $30 for a pallet with an one inch diameter. There was one pallet with 3 colors I needed but it was out of stock. Since everything on that website is insanely priced I had to use eyeshadows as a bronzer and highlighter too. The makeup I have for dance doesn’t perfectly match but it’s…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Job Experience

    Whenever, I needed help, other employees wouldn’t mind helping me out. There were a large number of people working there who were immigrants but no one was racist towards anyone. Everyone worked together and treated each other like a family so that helped me to be comfortable working with them. The workplace was always very clean, which also created a nice environment around me to focus on my work. That’s really a good thing because a nice working environment keeps me safe, healthy, and…

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  • Mcsweeney Case Studies

    DOI: 06/22/2014. The patient is a 37-year-old male laborer who sustained injury while pushing a pallet jack off a truck and took a step over the truck to the ground doing the splits. The patient is subsequently diagnosed with status post left tibia puncture fracture repair with instrumentation, left knee, left ankle, lumbar sprain/strain. Based on the progress report by Dr. McSweeney dated 01/07/16, the patient had a left ankle scope on 12/17/15 and has just started PT. He reports left ankle…

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  • Banana Supply Chain Case Study

    The information presented in the given case study also results in the reconsideration of the carbon footprint of banana and introduces the main aspects of the production of this product. According to it, there are three main environmental concerns related to bananas, their distribution and usage. These concerns are the process of transportation of the product to the markets; the production and the package. These factors have the significant impact on the carbon footprint of banana and result in…

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