Pallet Trucks Case Study

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The purpose for employing pallet trucks is to facilitate movement of pallets from one location to another. Not only do pallet trucks make pallet transportation simpler, but it also eases the burden of loading and unloading heavy pallets in a safe manner in addition to considerably minimizing transportation times. Due to the heaviness of many pallets, pallet trucks must be both strong and functional. Pallet trucks are typically used in industries, such as warehouses, chemical and pharmaceutical factories, food storage industries, retail stores, among others. The majority of pallet trucks can transport loads as large as 4,000 pounds.

Pallet trucks are designed to suit a myriad of terrains and environments, including both unsanitary and highly corrosive conditions. Some pallet trucks are crafted from stainless
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Each region provides a standard for pallet trucks with regard to their measurements. Euro pallets measure 1200 mm. x 800 mm. The 800 mm. side is open boarded. They're used by the 800 mm. side entering with the pallet being transported lengthways. Both British and United States pallets are a metre wide and are suited better to the wider 685 mm. trucks, exhibiting a 10,000 mm. length.

Standard Safety Practices Among Pallet Trucks

Global standards are established to safeguard all pallet trucks. The most vital standard is the ANSI 856. The authorities who establish these safety regulations has been passed from the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) to the ITSDF (Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation), which is a non-profit organization. This decision was made subsequent to multiple years of negotiations.

Further guidelines have been employed in the United States by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, and in the United Kingdom by the Health & Safety Executive. In many countries, training is required for truck operators, along with truck operation

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