1.3 Health And Safety Essay

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1.3 Analyse health and safety priorities that are important in the respite care home.
In the respite home, there are priorities to be set by Mr John on the health and safety in the workplace. This will reduce the conflicts which may developed in the implementation of the health and safety procedures. The priorities in the health and safety needed in the respite care home include;
Falls from height: this is another aspect on health and safety which has to be given priority. The structure use for the health and safety services is better to be bungalow. Where the building has floors, the pririty is securing the steps and having boundaries to guide from fall. In possible, health and social care home should be bungalow because of the suicidal patients which may be among the service users. In the respite home, falls from height is serious with the home being asked to compensate one of the employees that broke his ribs because of fall
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Many of these regulations are Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, Provision of Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992, the Reporting of Incidences Diseases and Dangerous Occurences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR).
According to RIDDOR, the employers are to report when there are work-related accidents which cause serious injuries, diseases, or even deaths (Health and Safety Executive, 2018). In the health and social care, the chance of getting infection is high because of the contaminable environment particulary in the healthcare homes. Such cases need tobe reported to the health and safety executives while the employers need to have the records. The implication of non-compliance is that the employer is fined by the Magistrate with £20,000 or there is even criminal case which attracts two years

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