Health Hazard And Hygiene Essay

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This chapter discusses about the health hazard and hygiene in the workplace. Hazards can be found in every workplace. Hazard is generally anything that makes you in a dangerous situation. Health hazard is means that the hazard brings negative effect and harm to the health which is may cause measurable changes in the body. There are many hazard in the workplaces have the potential to harm workers short-term and long-term health result in diseases, disorders and injuries (Alison et. al., 2008). Occupational health is an important as occupational safety. However, occupational health generally receives less attention compare to the occupational safety in workplaces.
Nowadays, most of the people were suffer ill-health caused by the workplace rather
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Throat and bronchitis are typical reactions to many isocyanates because they are irritants and sensitizers, inflammation of the nasal passages. Small amount of the substance often provoke a serious reaction similar to an extreme asthma attack when a person become sensitive to an isocyanates. They are subject to a Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) should be …show more content…
For instance, environment cleaning hand hygiene, sterilization of equipment and so on. Similarly, industrial hygiene is an area of specialization within the broader field of industrial safety and health. It is a safety and health profession that is concerned with predicting, recognizing, assessing, controlling and preventing environmental stressors in the workplaces that can cause illness and serious discomfort to workers (David, 2002). Gases, fumes, vapours, dusts, mists, noise and radiation are the common stressors. The Code of Ethics of the American Academy of Industrial Hygiene describe that the responsibilities of industrial hygienists as

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