Case Study Of Ben And Jerry's

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Ben and Jerry’s ice cream started as two guys serving ice cream in a converted gas station, but today the ice cream company distributes its ice cream products internationally through grocery stores, franchisees, and grocery delivery services. The ice cream maker has two production facilities, both in Vermont. The Ben and Jerry’s headquarters is in Waterbury, VT. This is where tourists and ice cream fans can take tours of how the ice cream is made. The second facility is much larger and located in St Albans, VT. As a cost minimization effort; this location is near the St Albans Cooperative Creamery, the chief supplier of milk for Ben and Jerry’s dairy-based products.
At Ben and Jerry’s, the ice cream production ensures that the product is high
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In the control room, the entire production process is monitored to ensure safe handling practices and a safe product for consumers (Lupo, 2014). Ben and Jerry’s would need to use a MRP system for ice cream ingredients. Too much of one ingredient could create expensive waste. Another important resource for Ben and Jerry’s is a supply chain management system. Suppliers for Ben and Jerry’s are held to a high standard to ensure that food is safe and that it is sourced in a way that is consistent with Ben and Jerry’s social values (Lupo, 2014). Ben and Jerry’s would also need a product lifecycle management system. New products and flavors are introduced while others are retired (Ben and Jerry’s, n.d). The use of these technical systems enhances an efficient production layout and enables employees to be effective in their roles and contribute to the delivery of a high-quality product for …show more content…
Employees also must be properly certified for all equipment they use for their jobs, such as forklifts (Smith, 2003). To ensure production is ergonomically safe for employees, Ben and Jerry’s brings in “board certified teams to review its manufacturing processes” (Smith, 2003).
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