Henry Schein Case

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Henry Schein is the world's largest distributor of medical and dental supplies to dental laboratories, health care clinics, government and other healthcare sites; with more than 20000 employees in 33 countries and over one million customers around the world. Henry Schein's facility in Denver, PA has the biggest warehouse in the northeast in the US. The warehouse is divided into 4 major departments (Materials, Production, Receiving, and Shipping) being Shipping the largest. Shipping Team Schein members are responsible loading orders on trailers, stacking orders in wood pallets, inspect the condition of products, assists with logistics and scheduling, prepare boxes with appropriate labels for shipment as required, and maintain a clean, organized and safe environment. As a Shipping Representative you are required to have loading abilities, and …show more content…
Large and the most important orders are shipped through New Penn. Once your shift starts, the first duty you are required to do is to obtain the list of orders for New Penn of the day. Usually, there are between 2-6 clients with large orders and each order can be between 100 to 200 boxes. Based on the client, each box needs to be perfectly stacked on its respective pallet; these clients choose special and fast shipment, therefore the condition of each box must be perfect. As the day goes, you will receive the total number of boxes by 6 pm; if there are boxes missing, you will need to locate and find what it is missing, use the computer system or call the Production supervisor to locate it. Once every box is received and scanned, complete the corresponding paperwork for each client and have it ready for the truck driver. Finally, use the forklift to wrap each pallet in the wrapping machine and load them into the New Penn trailer. Fill out the shipping report, with all the information of the shipment and sent it to Anton Siegle (Shipping

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