Argumentative Essay On Wood Pallets

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Recently, there has been some debate as to whether or not wood pallets are safe to use for food transportation. Consumers and owners of businesses have both questioned the safety of pallets due to past recalls and claims by pallet manufacturers. However, it has been found that wood pallets really are safe to use for transportation, and there is nothing to worry about.

There is absolutely no evidence of a relationship between wood pallets and food contamination illness. People have raised their concerns, but no evidence whatsoever has been found. There is also no evidence of a food borne illness outbreak related to the use of wood pallets.

The safety of using wood pallets for direct contact with food has been something that's been up for debate for quite some time now. However, evidence shows that wood has been used positively with food in the past. Wood is used for cutting boards, popsicle sticks, wooden spoons, and skewers. This kind of evidence and other research that has been done supports that wood is safe for direct food contact. Wood pallets work well whether they come in direct contact with food, or whether
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There has been nothing to infer that using wood as a transporting device has done anything negative to food in the past. If anything, using wood has only benefitted food companies and the food industry overall. Wood is a better material to transport food and to keep it safe than other materials, like plastic and metal. Plastic doesn't work because it suffocates food and doesn't let air in. Using plastic can actually make food go bad faster than it normally would, which is not something that anyone would want. Metal just doesn't work because it doesn't like air in as well, making food go bad before its natural expiration date. Both of these materials are also made with chemicals that can seep into food and cause problems. Wood is a natural product that will keep food natural as

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