An Ideal Educational Experience

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Ideal Educational Experience
Cheryl D. Michel
Brandman University

Educational Experience Teaching Math to Children with Disabilities

I chose to write this paper on an actual teaching experience that I was recently afforded the opportunity to be a part of. Over the recent summer vacation in lieu of teaching students at my usual place of employment, I decided to seek an opportunity where I could offer my teaching/tutoring skills as a volunteer. I thought that since I would be offering free services, many schools would willingly take advantage of the opportunity, several of the schools offering extended after school resources were excited to hear of my offer. I received an opportunity to work in an elementary school
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This was based on their level of acquisition as well as on performance of the subject with regards to the other students in the same class. However, I would later come to realize that the challenges they were facing were not limited to the subject of math only but also to other subjects as some of the respective teachers would later share. However, my goal was to assist with teaching math. My first day with the students was all about familiarizing ourselves with each other and while creating a friendly rapport with them instead of addressing the main issue which was teaching. I believed that this would assist in making the students feel relaxed and comfortable which would help me in understanding their individual needs more easily and thus deciding a trajectory. Though teaching is primarily about imparting skills and attitudes amongst students, it is quite significant if the teacher creates a serene teacher-student relationship from the start. This would not only help the teacher in understanding the students’ individual differences but also in making the students approach learning with the right …show more content…
They started concentrating more henceforth and in a week’s time, I started seeing improvement on their calculations. The good thing is that they could even carry it to their homes and use it on their own time in a fun way. By the end of my time with the students, the school had noticed the gradual improvement amongst the seven students. To my surprise, after leaving the school once my time ended, I came to realize that the rest of the third and fourth grade students were also introduced to the model as well. Apparently, the school had sought to get enough models for other students experiencing difficulty in math and advocated it in the teaching of mathematics as a supplementary teaching aid. I have included a picture of the math spinner

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