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  • Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

    disorders being so high, many researchers have turned to a treatment that would be more cost and time effective for the patient. This treatment was approved by the Food and Drug Administration(F.D.A.) and is known as Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (Food and Drug…

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  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

    Introduction Functional electrical stimulation (FES) or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is an therapeutic technique by which small electrical impulses are applied to a paralyzed or spastic muscle in order to induce contraction and thereby improve its function. Traditionally, NMES refers to those stimulatory protocols directed at increasing strength and FES with function. FES can stimulate muscle contraction for exercise, bladder management, grasping, standing, and walking, among…

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  • Shoulder Impingement Intervention

    commonly face in their daily work. It could occur in any age through the person’s life (Boykin et al, 2010) According to Trampas and Kitsios 2006 the three stages accompany rotator cuff lesion which are inflammation, thickness and fibrosis and rotator cuff tear could be generalized in the term shoulder impingement syndrome. A research in Holland has been conducted showed that there is a small rate of recovering where half of the participants report a return of the pain after a period of…

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  • Diagnosing Timmy With Schizophrenia

    negative effects into perspective. My learning style involves seeing and hearing actual examples of the types of side affects individuals suffer when having a disorder. For instance, when learning about medications, there was a video shown of a woman with jaw muscle spasms as a result of too much antipsychotic medication that is popular in treating schizophrenia. Previously there was confusion on the criteria, yet by going into detail about each category became understandable. There was a quote…

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  • Calf Injury Research Paper

    Pain in the back of one’s lower half of the leg is often times a result of a calf muscle tear. A torn calf muscle is similar to a torn Achilles, except it occurs higher up on the leg. Calf injuries occur like any other muscle tear, they can be a result of motions such as running and jumping, pushing off too suddenly, excessive over-stretching, or during quick changes of direction. Symptoms can vary with every person. Most include sudden sharp pains in the upper leg, being tender to the touch,…

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  • Volkmann's Contracture: A Case Study

    blood flow in injured limbs are the largest cause. If a Volkmann’s contracture is diagnosed, the best treatment is early surgery to release the pressure in the forearm before permanent injury to the muscles and nerves occurs. Surgery to lengthen and sometimes transfer muscles is necessary to try to regain some hand function. However, surgery is not as successful as early diagnosis and treatment. Treatment for a Volkmann’s contracture, according to Lek, depends on how a patient is examined…

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  • Smile: Compare And Contrast Any Two Types Of Duchenne

    someone, they will smile back. There are two types of smiles. One type of smile is the genuine smile. It is our normal everyday smile. We use this smile when we are happy, when someone makes us laugh, or when someone is having fun. Another name for the genuine smile is the Duchenne smile. According to www.highlanddental.co.uk, the Duchenne smile is named after 19th century French Neurologist Guillaume- Benjamin- Amand Duchenne. Duchenne was born September 17th, 1806 in Boulogne France. He died…

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  • Physiotherapy Essay

    Users and Market share of Physiotherapy Equipment Physiotherapy services deals with the assessment and treatment of people suffering from all kinds of physical problems that can be caused by an accident, illness or ageing. These services are provided in communities which provide physiotherapists to monitor patients and also the hospital setting with specialist practitioners in multiple healthcare conditions. These physiotherapists use their various skills in manual therapy, clinical measuring,…

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  • The Role Of Postpartum Depression In The Yellow Wallpaper

    domination and had a list of things women could not do. Things such as voting, having a say so in what goes on in the household, divorce, and most importantly, what happens to them. During this period, men would sometimes mention that their wife was "ill." When this happened, women would be forced to go through the treatment called the rest cure. Developed by a neurologist, Silas Weir Mitchell, the rest cure was a treatment for those who suffered from nervous illnesses (Rest Cure). The rest cure…

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  • Kenneth Fenwick's Book Report

    dipping to a 1.4 per cent. Nonetheless, the children who lost their lives due to contagious diseases, malnutrition and sanitation deficiency will always be remembered and be part of Canada’s history. Polio, scarlet fever, influenza, the Spanish flu, tuberculosis, malnutrition, cancer, diabetes and rickets were just some of the diseases which infected and sometimes killed hundreds of thousands of the mass population which Canada has grown to intake over the course of the twentieth century,…

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