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  • Elements Of Landscaping

    2. Softscape elements: It represents all the living materials used in landscaping. All the trees, shrubs, flowers are softscape elements. Landscaping is the art of balancing both the hardscape and softscape elements, therefore, one should have a fair knowledge on these elements to create a perfect balance in the landscape. C. Physical Space: Most of the times, designing is directly related to the attributes of physical space. One has to consider the topography, climate, site drainage, soil quality, municipal codes while designing the landscape. 1. Topography: Each land has its unique characteristics like different landforms, contour lines, elevation and sun exposure areas. A landscape designer must consider the topography for proper plant…

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  • Home Observation Essay

    As a new geologist who has come on to the Sutherland organization a few months ago, I have been honored to work alongside enthusiastic colleagues. I have studied at the prestigious school of Du Page and have trained toward geological studies for about two and a half years. In my courses, we have explored the Earth’s crust and focused on various geological features of the world. All of these credentials make me qualified to present my observations for the best place for house construction for the…

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  • Similarities Between Machu Picchu And Mesa Verde

    What do you think when you hear about the cliff dwellings of Machu Picchu and Mesa Verde? Thesis: The Machu Picchu and Mesa Verde cliff dwellings were ancient civilizations that contained both differences and similarities, and they were highly important. Mostly because of their harvestation, supplies, skills, terrains, structures, and artifacts. The Machu Picchu cliff dwellings were different in several ways regarding farming, building, and other numerous things. According to Source Three,…

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  • Aboriginal Landforms Essay

    The Connection between the Population Distribution and the Geological Landforms The way that Canada’s population is distributed is very uneven and this is because of the way landforms have developed. The Continuous Ecumene, Discontinuous Ecumene and the Barren and scattered population will be discussed here. The Continuous Ecumene is on sediment rock, the Discontinuous Ecumene is on igneous rock, the Barren and scattered population is in the far north and in the high lands. The Continuous…

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  • Major Landforms Of South Korea

    Major landforms: For the majority of the South Korea, the terrain is mostly mountainous, hilly, basined area and is less than 500 meters above sea level. Because Taipei Mountain Range runs along the eastern coast, it plants several mountain range forming hilly area within the lower altitude. The highest mountain of South Korea is Hallasan in the center of Chejudo, with the altitude of 1,950 meters. Smaller mountains ranges, like Seoraksan and Mount Wutai, are known for their beautiful scenery.…

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  • The Five Themes Of Landforms To Our Survival Island

    survival island contains many landforms like a hill, lakes, a ocean, and capes. These landforms are used for many thing like shelter and resource. These resources will be used for many things like boats and doors. Our island is located west of South America. The region of our island is the tropic region. Our Island is located 30 degrees west and 90 degrees north. One landform that we choosed is a cave. We use this for shelter because it is low down and can protect us from typhoons flooding. In…

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  • Landforms: Hydrologic Cycle And Where I Live

    Landforms Introduction In this week’s assignment we are asked to first describe the hydrologic cycle and apply it to where we live. Second we are asked to choose either a glacial landscape or a desert landscape and describe how the chosen landscape is formed and features that are found in the landscape. Then finally relate the chosen landscape to the hydrologic cycle. Hydrologic Cycle and Where I Live For this week’s assignment we were given the task to explain in our own words the hydrologic…

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  • Geographical Setting: What Landforms? What Important Places

    Student Name Geographical Setting: What continent? What Landforms? What important Places? Small islands in large lakes. This left little land for farming. Had highlands in southern Guatemala which contained valuable minerals. Lowlands were hot and dry. Also the valley of mexico in Mesoamerica was an very important lake that is still visited today. Political (Leadership, citizenship, decision-making institutions) The aztecs had allies to help in battle. Also they demanded tribute to whom…

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  • Essay On Selkie Monologue

    I had swam into the hidden undersea cave that contained my human clothing. Last evening I’d had a vision; I would find my lifemate in the area above the sea caves. I needed to find her as my vision of the woman, was too strong to disregard. She’d been a well-built sturdy young Scot lass with sparkling green eyes and long dark auburn hair which flows to her waist. I had seen her in my dream, dancing at the local Highland Gathering. The young woman of my dream was my destiny. My name’s…

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  • Great Glaciers Research Paper

    were once present in Minnesota thousands of years ago, and as they retreated, they left behind large amounts of glacial meltwater and various landforms still present to this day. A glacier is a massive piece of ice that completely destroys everything in its path. A glacier is formed when snow is present in a location for a long period of time, long enough to freeze all together to be conjoined into a massive chunk of ice. Glaciers are usually formed on a high elevation location. When on top of a…

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