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  • Supercontinents: A Formal Analysis

    they’re called supercontinent cycles or “supercycles” These supercycles are when the continent is towards the end of its life breaking apart and the formation of another one starts. It is a very disastrous time for all of the living creatures because these happen on a global scale. It is different from the Wilson cycle, which is the opening of an oceanic basin. The cycles may be entirely different they work hand in hand with each other. When a supercycle happens, shortly after the Wilson cycle comes into effect. The two cycles are both known to have been the cause of two of our supercontinents, Pangaea and Rodinia. The life cycle of these gargantuan masses of land go into much more detail, an example of this is the interactions with the landmass and volcanism. Supercontinents relationship to volcanism is similar to mother and child. The supercontinents (child) need the volcanism (mother) to happen to be created. This is also the destruction of the enormous islands. This happens in the Earth’s mantle. From what is explained a discontinuity occurs within the mantle and this causes a process of plumes or “superplumes”. The process of this is where a chunk of the crust is denser than the mantle and sinks towards the discontinuity. Over a period of time the chunks build up and sink into the lower part of the mantle or “slab avalanche”. This is where the mantle will compensate for the drop of the crust and push it up somewhere else. This creates those plumes or superplumes.…

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  • History Of Uruguay Essay

    Did you know that the Uruguay rivers name means river of the painted birds? Uruguay is one of the most interesting countries in south america to get to learn about. Their land, their culture, and everything about them is great. They have a lot of natural sites. They also have a lot of man made places and things too. Read on to find more. Uruguay Land The land of Uruguay is one of the most interesting things about it. One of it’s greatest landmarks also where they get their nation’s name from, is…

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  • Australia's Natural Environment Is Not Unique

    330 meters, it has some landforms that deserve a notice. Some of these landforms are mountains and other high components despite the fact that they are at a low elevation. Australia is predominantly divided into three major landform districts, each of which is compromised of smaller scale constituent landform regions. The Eastern Highlands area, also referred to as the "Great Dividing Range" is the one of the most noteworthy piece of Australia, being a progression of slopes, mountains and…

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  • Plate Tectonics And Climate Change

    Plate tectonics play a fundamental role in climate change around the globe. More than 200 million years ago, the continents were merged together as one giant landmass called Pangaea (Cosmato,2016). As the continents moved, their positions on Earth changed, and so did the movements of ocean currents. Both of these changes had effects on climate. Plate tectonics affect climate by different movements (vertical and lateral) both in which affect air circulation. Vertical movement of the surface…

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  • Dehumanization Of Africa Essay

    than during the installment of such. So, hence after years of attempts, some of the leaders of the anti-colonist movement of 32 countries found a common ground and met in Addis Ababa in May 25th, 1963 to create the Organization of Africa Unity (OAU) today simply called Africa Union renamed in 2002. The creation of OAU is historically described can be described as an event of great magnitude toward the social, cultural, political and institutional development of the continent. Since it becomes…

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  • Triangular Trade Analysis

    manner shaping the triangle. This thought demonstrated effective on the grounds that every mainland did not have a certain product which another landmass had. The way of travel was as follows: New England to Africa back toward the West Indies, then to New England, then to Europe. Shippers and brokers took this way in light of the fact that the Americas gave merchandise, for example, wood and flour and some made products which Africa needed. Thus, the New World picked up African slaves; which the…

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  • European Expansion In The Fifteenth Century

    It was discovered after Columbus’ death in 1506, that the land he discovered was actually part of a new landmass that Europeans had never previously explored to the fullest extent. The man who realized that Columbus had not landed in the Indies, but rather a new piece of land was Amerigo Vespucci. Amerigo was a member of Columbus’ who helped to organize his voyages and for his realization that Columbus discovered a new continent, America was named after him (“Textbook”). Christopher Columbus’…

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  • Jared Diamond Theory

    Europeans would have been able to develop agriculture for plants such as wheat to sustain their population, with enough nutrients. Moreover, it is mutually agreed from Diamond’s theory that a plant such as maize could spread more easily through the same latitude rather than from north to south axis like in the America’s for example. This would be due to the ecological differences within the different environments. This is one of Diamonds main argument to support why Europe civilizations grew…

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  • Write An Essay On Gondwana And Its Effects On Supercontinents

    they were the first of their kind. Some examples of multicellular organisms that were found were segmented worms, frond-like organisms, and round like creatures such as a jellyfish. Shortly after this, Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Antarctica, and India formed from the pieces of Gondwana that collided over 1000 years. Eventually, Gondwana joined with the other landmasses on Earth to create the single supercontinent Pangaea. This occurred around 300 million years ago. 20-70 million years…

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  • Essay On Leonhard Euler

    finding all possible paths could be done but would take a great amount of time to do so and plus, he wanted to find solution that would apply to all similar problems. Euler then went ahead a used a method where he used lowercase letters to demonstrate a crossing of a bridge and capital letters for the landmasses. By doing this, Euler was able to find patterns and relationships that led to his conclusion. Regarding the problem of the Seven Bridges of Königsberg, Euler supposed that a walk was…

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