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  • Dialect Leveling And Language Change

    The main aim of this work is to analyze the meaning of dialect levelling in the broader context of the language change. Going through specific study cases this work will identify the factors that causes dialect accommodation phenomenon and the effect that this is having on identities of local communities. Analyze geographical factors and social-psychological implication will give us a clearer picture of the dialect continue change that has been occurring in Britain, and it’s consequences. Dialect leveling is an inevitable consequence of contact between two dialects or a standard language and a dialect. Dialect levelling is described by Hinskens (1993: 40) as "the process of reduction of language structural variation", more specifically "the process of the reduction of both intrasystemic and intersystemic variation" (Hinskens, Kallen & Taeldeman 2000). This view is shared by Trudgill, who refers to it as "the reduction or…

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  • Language Change In Nigeria Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Language change is created by social, political and technological issues which take an important role when language is used for communication (Beard, 2004). Languages have been modified over the years in many forms ranging from phonology, semantics, morphology, lexis, syntax and other features of language. More than 360 million people speak English as a native language (Crystal, 2006). The majority of these people live in North America, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the…

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  • How Does Language Change Reality

    Kaufmann Language can Change Reality A normal person, going a long living their day to day life may not stop to think that if they knew a completely different language, or no language at all, that their reality would be completely different. A thought I always had is, if someone did not know any language at all, were they able to logically think? The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis suggests, “Language is a force in its own right, that it affects how individuals in a society perceive and conceive…

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  • Change In Language

    Outside of linguistics how spoken language is used is a topic that insights vigorous debate amongst peers, different generations and can affect ones chances for employment. What fails to be acknowledged is the need for language change over the course of time and environment. There was an era in Greek poetry when they were looking to the past for poetic structure in order to relay the importance of history in their culture. Then the formation of Koine Greek was imperative to the growth of the…

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  • How Did My First Language Change

    As one of the first member of my family who goes to college, things have changed over time. My story begins at a young age but, since then I see how things can changed in a small amount of time. I was 11-year-old when I moved from El Salvador to the United States. And it was the first time I saw, that things were going to changed. I came to the United States without knowing how different my life was going to be and all the changes that were about to happen. When I came to the United States I…

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  • Spoken Language Change

    According to linguists, people who study language, all spoken languages change over time. The rate of this change is not always at the same rate. For example, Japanese has changed relatively little over the past 1000 years, while English has changed rapidly in the past 300 years. There are two main aspects of change. They are: 1) terms used for objects, actions, and concepts and 2) how words are pronounced. Of these aspects of change, terms are the first to change. Some terms are borrowed from…

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  • How Did English Language Change Over Time

    During this time period, language was much different than it is today and it has gone through many changes over time. The main languages used during the Middle Ages were Middle English, Latin, and Anglo-Norman. People used different languages for different purposes such as writing and printing and most of them spoke more than one language. Some people with second languages had a degree of literacy. The evolution of languages throughout the Middle Ages gave strong foundations for modern…

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  • Technological Changes In The English Language Essay

    the years, there has been a development of English language with changes in technology and the trend is likely to continue in future. The evolution of English language started from the period where different types of pronunciation developed. Significant changes began during the industrial revolution, but critical alterations in the English language has mainly emanated from the use of computers and internet. This research suggests that the long-term effects of technology on the English lexicon…

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  • Language Changes In American Indian Culture

    undergo several instances of culture change. In the 1800’s when colonization consistently terrorized American Indians, this was the beginning of loss greater than one can imagine. Us history is able to be told today because it is founded and supported by a language continuum. Language can be a barrier but it can also have the power to tell time and reconnect us to our ancestral beings. Currently, there are American Indian tribes that have ultimately loss that connection. Many are unaware that…

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  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

    faced various changes throughout history. Sometimes these changes attributed to disadvantages and affect negatively. Nevertheless, in many cases changes attributed to reforms. Such an example is the Kemalist reforms that set by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He is one of the most famous and revolutionary people of the twentieth century. He was the first president and the one who found the modern Turkish republic. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk needed a very short time in order to create or change many laws and…

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