History of the English language

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  • English Language Influence

    History of English language and Its Influence in Classic Literature English is a unique and modern language. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, “For most people residing in the United States, English is the only language spoken in the home” (2015). The Bureau further reports, that although English is the primary language of choice for most U.S. citizens, however, there are many languages besides English, spoken in homes across the nation. What is fascinating about English, is that it is influenced by several different languages and cultures; and new words are created daily. The terms: Bureau, Café, and Bouquet are only a few examples of French origin vocabulary, which is now incorporated into the English Language. The history…

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  • Spread Of American English

    The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is known as a bridge language that is often used in global trade, business, diplomacy, and communication. Although the United States does not have an official language, English is the primary language that is used and taught across the country. Meanwhile, English is the official language of many other countries and English speakers are found on each and every continent. Yet how did this come to be? Where else is…

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  • John Wyclif: The English Language

    An important factor in today’s civilization and culture is language. The ability to be literate is a privilege and a necessity in a world that relies on common speech, systematic administration and communication through writing. English has been a vital part in today’s society within hundreds of cultures worldwide; however, English has not always been as popular or familiar to those who speak it in the modern world. Indeed, like most things in a constantly changing world, the English language…

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  • The Importance Of Teaching An English Language Development

    A few years ago I was asked by my department chair to teach an English Language Development (ELD) class. As I had only been teaching for a year, I was unfamiliar with the full requirements of the class and nervous to take on what I felt was a BIG responsibility. Once I accepted our dean of curriculum asked me to be the ELD advisor. I took two days to decide that with my family background, my grandfather picked fruit for a living and my mom picked and packed growing up, I could make the students…

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  • Double Entendre In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

    The most famous of these may be her use of the word "queynte" to describe both domestic duties (from the homonym "quaint") and genitalia ("queynte" being the root of 'cunt', a vulgar English word for…

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  • Language Standardization Essay

    Language is a means of communication. Human beings have the most complicated language which have many systems within the same system. There are more than 6000 languages around the world (Anderson, 2010). The speaker of any language determine the history of the language and how it has been codified in dictionaries and what is should be a language or correct language and what it should not be a language or correct language. English language is one clear example of these processes of the language.…

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  • Importance Of English As An International Language

    international language refers to a language in widespread use as a foreign language or second language (Richards et al.,1992, p.234). Over the years, the English language has reached a status of the international language, and has played an important role around the world for economic, education, scientific and entertainment exchange between nations and particularly between people, and commonly is characterized as a lingua franca. According to Crystal (1997), today, more people use English than…

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  • Pope Francis Language Barriers

    of years, people have encountered language barriers. Even in today’s global society, they still exist; one of the main issues concerning Pope Francis’s visit to the United States was language. The Pope needed to choose a language to address the people without diluting the strength of his message; all the while, choosing a language he was proficient enough in to avoid a faux pas. Pope Francis came to the decision to speak in English, the unofficial language of America’s majority. Pope Francis…

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  • English: The Loss Of Language In The English Language

    English is one of the most widely spoken languages, along with Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and French, respectively. There is no doubt that it has found its way into numerous countries. However, there is a difference between etymological mingling and lingual domination. I strongly disagree with the notion that everyone, in every country, should learn English. This suggestion seems almost barbaric and hateful. Globalizing English would demolish not only the history and culture of other…

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  • Grammar In African American English

    Did you know that Black English or African American Venicular Englsih was born by a combination of Africans grammar and what they heard from the White Europeans. Many believe that black english is wrong and it is slang, but in reality the black language is right. Black english is wright because it has its own history, grammar, phonology, lexicon, and intonation. First, I will talk about the history of African American English. African American english is also called Ebonics. Some scholars…

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