Landsat program

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  • Brazil Pronunciation Report

    data, for landsat data this is usually thirty metres above the ground, to classify land cover change over a continental scale (DeFries and Townshend, 1994). When light hits a leaf part of the light spectrum is reflected back to the observer (Peñuelas and Filella, 1998:1) and the NDVI is calculated using two variables from this light spectrum, the amount of red and near infrared reflection (NIR), as NDVI= NIR-red/NIR+red…

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  • Landsat 7 Case Study

    Landsat 7 Landsat 7 is a sun-synchronous satellite operated as a joint project between NOSA, NOAA and the US Geological Survey. It continued the US long-term earth observation Landsat program. It have been successfully launched on 15th Aprial 1999 from the Western Test Range of Vandenberg Air Force Base with the altitude of 705 km and revisit time of 16 days. The service time of Landsat 7 is 5 years from July 1999 to October 2014. The detailed characteristic of Landsat 7 as blow Figure 5…

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  • Essay On Diversion Programs

    This chapter takes an in depth look at the literature on diversion programs,the different types of programs, its effectiveness, and participation requirements. Youth in the juvenile justice system often reflect a variety of high-risk elements that include inadequate family support, school failure, negative peer groups, and lack of utilization of community-based services(NCJRS). In order to address some of these high risk elements, we typically divert the youth through the use of diversion…

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  • Summer Food Service Program Analysis

    The Summer Food Service Program was developed in the United States in to create healthy nutritionally balanced meals mainly for students 18 years old and younger coming from low-income households during the summer months when the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program are not in session. If a student is over the age of 18, they can only participate if they have some sort of physical and/or mental disability that is keeping them within the school district. The Summer Food…

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  • Summary: The Insider Threat Program

    In 2011, President Obama has issued an executive order for the Insider Threat Program. This program prohibits executive government officials who have knowledge of national security matter from speaking to the press without prior authorization first. After Snowden 's release of leaked documents, the Insider Threat Program became more intense. Government officials are no longer allowed to speak to the press about unclassified matters, such as their own personal opinions about current events. In…

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  • Case Study: LA Fitness

    whether the system is working. In order to improve customer service, employees need more than training and an internal process to succeed. They also need an incentive to excel. So, a club-wide incentive program should be adopted that reward employees based on the percentage of returning customers and the number of referrals given for new…

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  • Disruption And Delay Essay

    In provision is made, however, is what happens when the parties can not agree on the program. The dispute could be dealt with under the contractual disputes procedures, but in practice, it may be difficult for the project to recover from such an unpromising start. Again, therefore, the success of the Protocol depends on the spirit adopted by the contracting parties. 2.2 AFTER THE EVENT (TIME IMPACT ANALYSIS) Where the dispute is being dealt with after the event the Protocol’s preferred method…

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  • Focus Group Needs Analysis

    determine the best possible way conduct our project by identifying the mission and values of the WCSU Recreation Department, what programs are currently offered, the best way to communicate with/ to WCSU students, what HPX 371 students wish they had done differently to ensure success with our HPS service learning project, and what…

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  • Criminal Code, Sentencing In Canad A Case Study

    inmate’s rehabilitation and successful reintegration in the community” (Health Services, 2014). The health services in prison include inside the institution nurses, psychologists and social workers; if an inmate needs complicated and urgent medical help they would get transferred to the hospital. As for the drugs related offenders, three out of four inmates go into jail with substance problem (Substance Abuse, 2015). The statistics show that it is the one of the biggest problems in…

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  • Vista Maria Case Study

    The largest programs in place are the Specialized Treatment Programs. These programs offer residential treatment for adolescent girls with support services including: a health clinic, on-site junior and senior high school operated by Clara B. Ford Academy, cafeteria, recreational facilities, meeting rooms, a chapel, administrative offices, and individual/group/family therapy. Vista Maria also provides Community-Based Programs of General Foster Care (case management of children who have suffered…

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