Background Of My Family

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I am a Caucasian, over forty, middle class, Christian American female; technically a third generation American of Multicultural European Caucasian decent (I do not find it politically incorrect to label myself Caucasian and will refer to that status as white). Growing up I was called a mutt by my family members for all the different nationalities that I was mixed with; Austrian, Czechoslovakian, Irish, Russian, Lithuanian, Slavic or Polish (not exactly sure). On my mother’s side, my maternal grandmother was Austrian, descendant from a duke (great grandmother’s father); however, I have now come to learn that my maternal grandmother’s father was Czechoslovakian. My maternal grandfather was pure Irish, descendent from Irish immigrants who, …show more content…
Country of residence: United States of America
Cultural background: Just a regular, red-blooded American, Christian man.
What are your family values?
My Mom, born 1921, was a very strong Christian and convert to the Catholic Religion. She taught me to talk to Jesus when I was four, long before school or any official religious services or prayers were introduced into my learning process. She raised all three of her children in the Catholic Church and sent all three to Catholic schools; two graduated from Catholic high school, and the other graduated from Drake Business School in the Bronx. My Mom was a staunch conservative who was stalwart determined to resist the "Anything Goes" counter culture that currently permeates our Western society. She was forced into retirement due to company re-location after thirty plus years working for an insurance firm that changed ownership a few times, but finally came under the umbrella of the Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance Co. Inc. She encouraged me in creative writing, sketching/drawing/painting and music. She taught me the value of academic achievement and instilled the spirit of individual independence, patriotism, conservatism and strong Christian faith in me as a youth and into my manhood. She died in 1985 at the age of
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A moral compass with a strong faith in God combined with following Judeo-Christian values, as were instilled by our Founding Fathers, is the basis and foundation for negotiating identity with multiple cultures. That is, assimilate into the land and the culture that you have immigrated to as your primary identity while maintaining the highlights of your ancestral background. If conflicts arise, remember you a citizen of the USA first and

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