Participation Trophies For Youth Athletes Essay

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The majority of children participate In many extracurricular activities such as soccer, baseball, and dance. At the end of the season, every team has its annual awards night and where the star players would be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Everyone else on the team receives the “glad you tried but you aren 't good enough” trophy. Many children, including myself, fall into this category. As naive little children, many kids do not understand that this is the situation. They think that they are a superstar because it only makes sense to get trophies if you are talented. As children get older and mature, most started noticing how many award ribbons and trophies are actually being handed out. A regional branch of the American Youth Soccer Organization hands out roughly 3,500 awards each season, according to Travis Armideos article “Pros And Cons: A Look At Participation Trophies For Youth Athletes.” …show more content…
They finally realize the girl on the team who stood on the side and pulled the grass up was getting the same trophy as them. Many kids should be thankful that they realized this at such a young age because if they had not, they might just expect to get recognition for everything they participate in. This has become a growing problem with children in this generation. They are awarded for everything they do so they are beginning to get the mindset that all you have to to do succeed is show up. If adults do not take initiative and stop the handouts, this could cause detrimental problems for children in the years to

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