The Influence Of The Little League World Series

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The Little League World Series, a kids dream to be at besides Disneyworld. Every kid that plays Little League wants to work hard to get to there. Some kids don’t even make it passed their city championships, but they set their goals so high so they can make it to Williamsport. It’s not just only in the United States, it is international. Kids around the world get to participate in it. There is so many positive influences about the Little League World Series, from the lifetime friend ships with kids around the world, to the respect the kids have in their home towns.

The Little League Baseball World Series is an annual baseball tournament for children aged 11 to 12 years old. It was originally called the National Little League Tournament and
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They now become the Southeast team competing in the World Series. So these kids whole summer revolves all around a sport they enjoy so much.

There are so many positive things about the Little League World Series. One of the many positive things is that the kids get to live their dream and play in a world series, and also be on television. Back in these kids hometown they become famous, they start signing autographs like they are professional athletes. Some of these kids have never played on a nice field like the ones they play at in Williamsport. So, a kid at the age of 12 years old would be so amazed and feel like that they are playing on a major league baseball field.

Sportsmanship, kids should be taught this as they grow up playing a sport. While the kids are at the World Series, not practicing or playing games, they would be bonding with other teams, even teams from the international side. They build a friendship, a friendship that would last forever. Even after games if a team and was eliminated the other would go over to them and give them hugs and even get the crowd to cheer them on. I remember watching the 2007 Little League World Series, when a team from Warner Robins, Ga played Japan in the Championship game. A kid from Warner Robins hit the walk off home run to win the World Series. The team from Japan was devastated, but once the player crossed the plate they went straight over to the Japan team and hugged them. After the celebrating was over the Warner
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The cities these little leagues come from help these kids raise money to help their families out with money. These kids become heroes in their community. They start being role models to younger kids and hopefully pushes them into being a great ball player as well like Mo’ne Davis. She showed that girls can play a guy sport and be good at it as well. It also helps the little leagues grow itself, if I was a parent I would want my kid to play a little league that went to the Little League World Series. It helps bring a community together in a time where they need it the most. For example the Chicago team in 2014, they were an inner city little league that nobody thought they would make it passed the regional tournament, but they overcame it and actually made it all the way to the championship

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