Racism In Baseball

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How the MLB will become a more ethnic sport over time. It’s no question that baseball is one of the most racist sports in the world. The Cleveland Indians have managed to create the most racist logo in sports of all time. It is very offensive as it is a cartoon Indian with a red face and a feather. But that’s just a logo. I want to talk about the players and the future of the league. The MLB consisting of 30 teams, 2 leagues (American and National) is one of the most increasing sports in players. The league started as all white members from 1903-1947 (44 years). Then changed after Jackie Robinson, who had to start something and faced a lot of criticism. The league is now growing due to poverty and hope in Southern countries. Also, the way …show more content…
In fact, we may see a day, when the majority of players hail from this portion of the globe. The two dominating countries for baseball would be the Domincan Republic and Cuba. The reason that these two countries are good at baseball is because that is where the baseballs are made. Just like when you buy things from china it’s cheaper it’s the same thing there. To play baseball all you need is a ball and a stick. Considering over 20 percent of the Dominican Republic’s is in extreme poverty they can 't necessarily do other activities. One quarter of the Dominican Republic’s population of 10.4 million (2.6 million) but compared to the United States where 0.04 percent of 319 million are playing (14 million). Although there is a huge difference in the number of people playing baseball the percentage of people playing in the Dominican Republic is ridiculous. Knowing players and where they’re from is not an easy thing to remember as there are 1200 players in the MLB. This year for Canada it was the biggest year for baseball. Nearly the whole country was on the bandwagon of the Jays because they just kept winning and eventually made it to the playoffs for the first time in history. Two of the top players on the Blue Jays and even the league, Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista are both from the Dominican Republic. Also in the National League, Yasiel Puig from Cuba was the runner of for the Most Valuable Player. Only playing two season in the MLB for the Los Angeles Dodgers he has been so good. He nearly had a 0.300 average, 359 hits and 46 home runs. This is showing that Latino people can overcome poverty and make it. It gives children hope in developing countries that they can make it to the league. Thanks to players like these more Latinos are getting drafted or getting opportunities to play baseball and get paid for

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