Baseball In The 60's Essay

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In the beginning of the 1960s, it seemed to be the dawn of a golden age, but by the end of the 60’s many Americans thought the nation was falling apart. The JFK assassination, Vietnam war, fights for civil rights, racial tensions, radical students, and the MLK assassination were main events that took place in the 60’s that made many Americans fear the worst for our nation. In the middle of all the hate, crime, and death were 16 major league baseball teams fighting for a championship, not caring what was going on in the rest of the country. While America seemed to be falling apart, baseball was on the rise, and having what most people would say its own golden age.
The 1960’s was a time of prosperity for baseball. At the beginning of the decade
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When you have pitchers like Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, and Juan Marichal then it’s not really fair. Sandy Koufax was by far one of the best pitchers to ever play the game. Koufax’s led the league in ERA in each of his last 5 last seasons, led in K’s in 4 out of his last 6 seasons, his career WHIP of 1.11 is still 16th best among MLB pitchers ever. Sandy won the Cy Young Award 3 out of his last 4 seasons. Although Koufax was a monster on the mound his career was cut short at just age 30 because of arthritis in his arm. Bob Gibson, also a hall of famer, won the Cy Young award 2 times throughout his career. Bob was one of the most intimidating pitchers coming in at 6’1, although batters would say he seemed to be 9 foot tall on the mound. Gibson was one of the of the main reasons that the pitching mound was lowered to give the batter's a fair chance. Juan Marichal was a Dominican pitcher for the Giants, Juan has the 13th best WHIP in the history of the MLB at 1.10. Juan finished his career with over 240 wins (“Michael”). These three pitchers will be the top three in any baseball historians list of the greatest pitchers in the MLB. The crazy thing is they all pitched within the same

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