1950s Sports Essay

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1950s Sports

Following WWII, many Americans enjoyed a thriving economy and access to a range of new time-saving technologies. “With more money to spend and an excess of leisure time, people turned to sports for recreation and entertainment.” (Sports in America in the 1950s) Baseball was paramount in America, but other sports competed for the nation’s attention. Boxing and Golf were also very popular to sports fans in America, Rocky Marciano went on his historical, undefeated run between 1952 and 1956. Baseball was dominated by the Yankees throughout the whole decade and baseball was completely intergrated as dozens of African American Ballplayers filled major league rosters. Sports in the ‘50s were as popular as ever with advances in
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TV was first developed in the 1930s, but aggressive marketing of the newest technology wasn’t a concern during the war. “In 1946, there were fewer than 17,000 television sets in the U.S. Three years later, consumers were buying sets at a rate of 250,000 per month. The buying frenzy continued throughout the 1950s and by 1960 three-quarters of all American families owned at least one TV.” (Sports in America in the 1950s) Television brought different sports to common households all over America, creating a new generation of diehard fans. in 1950, a record of 7 million TV sets were purchased and in 1951, technology took a larger step when color television was introduced. “The marriage between television and sports was still in the newlywed stage. It proved to be a long and profitable union.” (Sports in America, 1950-1959)

In the 1950s, American economy was experiencing a boom for the first time in thirty years. With soldiers returning home from the war, parents saw the future as a peaceful opportunity to raise kids, which in turn called for more houses and supplies for those families. A growing nation with a great economy and a lot of leisure time gave way to the consumption of entertainment like never before. America was on top of the world and sports felt the effect of the nation’s success with more fans than ever

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