Popular Sports In The 1930s

There was a lot of popular sports during the 1930’s and they were dominated by superstars. Baseball was the most popular sport of the 1930’s in America. However Baseball owner were still scared that the Great Depression was going to draw fans away from the great game, and they were also afraid they weren’t gonna make money on souvenirs because no one would by them. Luckily people did go to baseball games as they used it as a way to distract themselves from what was going on in their lives. Like expected however the number of people attending these games did go down, but all 16 franchises did make it through the Great Depression (The Golden Age of Baseball: The 1930’s.” .n.d). The main superstar in Baseball was The amazing Babe Ruth, many …show more content…
It went from having a superstar that dominated and was champion for many years to having a different champion constantly. The reason for this was because the Great depression happened it forced men to fight for whatever amount of money was up for grabs that night, even if some people were at a huge disadvantage they still fought to try and win some money. Because there was no Tv at the time if you wanted to see a fight you had to go watch it live, and big matches in boxing could draw crowds up to five digits(1930s Boxing. n.d.). Boxing also expanded into Latin American during the 1930’s, and there were some world champions from there. Sixto Escobar became Puerto Rico’s first world champion. Mexico first world champion was Baby Arizmendi in 1934, and Cuba’s first world champion was Kid Chocolate. There was 6 champions from 1930-1937 until the superstar of Joe Louis started his amazing run of champion of Heavyweight Boxing. Joe Louis was one of the most deadliest boxers and made a name for himself, by then he had already fought all the worthy boxers that had a chance of beating him. Another really good Boxer was Henry Armstrong and he became the featherweight champion in 1937. He didn't stop there however he went out of his weight class and claimed the Lightweight, and Welterweight the next year. He was world champion in three different weight classes(1930s Boxing.

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