Great Depression In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men: Informative Essay
What is the similarity between the Great Depression and Of Mice and Men? The book, Of Mice and Men, is the story of the author, John Steinbeck that is about his experiences which is involved in the Great Depression. This story is mostly about friendship, American dreams, loneliness and companionship, and strength and weakness. Friendship is a bond between two or more people that value each other and who you can trust in a platonic way. American’s dream is when someone wants to imagine their desires or wishes. During the Great Depression a lot of people lose their jobs because the stock market crashed which is the beginning of the Great Depression. Loneliness is when you have a lack of emotional support and companionship. In the story, the character has a lot of their strength and weaknesses shown in the book. For example, George’s strength is his friendship with Lennie, but his weakness is when Lennie leaves him alone. That’s because he enjoys being together with Lennie and sharing his dreams and wishes what Lennie which encourages him to try to make his dreams come true.
In 1930’s, the struggle Americans faced is the Great Depression which is caused by impact and chance of recurrence. There were a lot of people who had suffered from being unemployed and about
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They also are to achieve their dreams to get a ranch together and adding in Candy helped them a lot to step closer to their dreams. They worked very hard to earn the money, so they can try to buy the ranch. There were people that who kept on blocking them from reaching their dreams, but they still break through the barrier of people and kept on going until they finally accomplish their dreams. It’s good that they are persistent, so they should keep on going to reach or close to achieving their

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