Bull Catcher Book Report

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The book Bull Catcher was a terrific book, and I related to it in several ways. Neil Larsen is a catcher for his high school’s varsity team and everyone calls him Bull. Bull lives in Wisconsin with his grandfather, while his mother is living in LA. His mother wants him to forget about baseball and attend school in LA, but Bull knows what’s best for him and he thinks that his calling is baseball. Jeff and Billy are Bull’s friends and have been since elementary school. These individuals are on the baseball with him and had innumerable conflicts. This was interesting because I related to Neil, and he was a strong character. Neil likes to play baseball like me, overcame various challenges, and is an exceptional friend. Bull Catcher is a terrific …show more content…
Neil found Billy in an alley after he received a phone call about him. “He started hitting me right off” (Carter63). Another challenge Neil overcame was when he and Jeff struggled to find a starting pitcher for the team. They had no idea who to look to but when the new foreign exchange student arrives, they think that she has mega potential. Jeff and Neil spend a commendable amount of time trying to teach her how to pitch and hoping she would play in their league. Eventually, with help from Neil and Jeff, Bev helps lead the team to victory. Bev and Neil develop a strong relationship over the summer and spent much of their time together. He befriends Bev when she was new and had no friends, this shows what kind of person Neil is. Not only does Neil help Billy escape an abusive relationship with his father, he also has to mourn the loss of Billy. “It’s Billy, he was killed last night” (Carter 214). The baseball team must remember their lost friend and play their hearts out for him, and that’s exactly what they did. This shows how strong all of the characters are, considering they suffered a massive loss and still went to win the

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