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  • Stockton's Little Manila Analysis

    Stockton’s Little Manila Immigration has been a substantial part of American history. It was through the backs and hard work ethic emulated by immigrants that embody what we call the American dream of success and prosperity in life. It was through this dream that Filipino Americans sought to acquire and accomplish throughout their ongoing struggle within the years before and after World War II. The population of the United States as a whole is one that is vast and truly diverse. In a California town of Stockton (dubbed “Little Manila” by the Filipino community), this diversity was truly making a precedent and growing quite rapidly. A rapid influx of Hispanic and Asian immigrants through the years began to sprout out and flourish throughout…

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  • Historic Filipinotown

    the resident population compared to the Mexicans and Central Americans. Former councilmember, now Mayor Eric Garcetti, proposed a resolution to make the name and sign official back in 2002. However, the community still struggles for visibility without a strong ethnic economy or political representation (source). Other ethnic enclaves such as Chinatown and Little Tokyo…

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  • Did Rizal Supported The 1896 Philippine Revolution Of Bonifacio Case Study

    left us with. For example is the culture they left us that we already inherited from them, just like gambling, drinking liquor and such that a Filipino citizen would not always do. Another is their blood because I myself has a Spanish blood in me. Even my surname “Naranja” came from a Spanish word which means orange. They maybe already left but the things coming from them were still here, living its roots in our hearts. Growing bigger and faster, the Filipino in us is slowly dying. That some of…

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  • Isang Tikbalang Ka Lang Analysis

    ISANG TIKBALANG KA LANG: A CRITIQUE PAPER By: Izelle Josef Li of ABM 11 This paper critiques the short story, titled “Isang Tikbalang Ka Lang,” from the book “Wag Lang Di Makaraos” by Filipino writer, Eros S. Atalia. Atalia grew up in Cavite City. He got his Bachelor’s Degree on Secondary Education major in Filipino at the Philippine Normal University in 1996 and got his Master’s Degree on Arts in Language and Literature at De La Salle University – Manila in 2008. His poem “Maririing Tusok…

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  • Prisoner's Dilemma Research Paper

    This may appear to be a minor issue in America, but in Metro-Manila, the central city of the Philippines, the traffic is unbelievably horrendous: crowdedness of all types of vehicles, narrowed structure of the streets, and the great lack of discipline from the drivers. What makes matters worse is that the city of Manila is heavily overpopulated. Due to the fact that Philippines is a tropical nation, there are reoccurring rain storms and hurricanes that cause floods within the city. This is a…

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  • The Role Of American Imperialism In The 19th Century

    *A major outcome of U.S imperialism in the 19th century was that it provided stability towards uncivilized countries (such as granting independence.) Take for instance the Philippines, which was acquired after the Spanish-American War in 1898. During that time, the Philippines was under Spanish rule, which ultimately called for their full sovereignty. On August 1898, US troops defeated the Spanish, as a result Spain gave the Philippines to the United States in exchange for $20 million under the…

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  • Importance Of Mayor Duterte In The Philippines

    Philippines rich, clean and safe. We all know the Cıty of Davao is what they have today. Who was the leader on that city? No other than Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, his platform that we all know that it will have changes and it can help us to improve our country. Examples, explanations, authority’s opinions, statistics to clarify the topic sentence According to Rig Man (2015), Many Filipinos want to experience a Davao-like country. We all know there are also Filipinos who want to experience a…

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  • Looking Into The Preface By William Henry Scott

    a Looking into the Preface or the introductory section of the book, what was/were the author's objective/s in writing the book and did he achieve that/those objective/s? The objective of William Henry Scott in writing the book was to answer the question: What did the Spaniards actually say about the Filipino People when they first met them? This question led him to provide answers and details about the recurring systems on the Philippine culture before the colonial period that will surely give…

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  • Importance Of Lifestyle In The Philippines

    Philippine lifestyle and Philippine most beautiful island One of the most beautiful places in the Philippines and in the world is El Nido, Palawan. El Nido is made up of about 45 small tropical islands about 1 hour and 35 minutes flight time from Manilla. The quickest route to El Nido is to fly direct from Manilla into El Nido airport. El Nido is on of the most beautiful, natural and magical places in the world. It is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches with clear warm tropical waters.…

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  • History Of Metro Manila

    Metro Manila is also known, as Metropolitan Manila is the national capital region of the Philippine. Metro Manila is an area where many tourists visit with their Mall of Asia and other tourist attraction. Metro Manila is the largest urban city in the Philippines with Americanize materials. In the Metro Manila filmed by Sean Ellis, it touched base on a poor man named Oscar Ramirez and his family who struggle to make a living in Banaue Province, Philippines and moved to Manila for a better life…

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