Did Rizal Supported The 1896 Philippine Revolution Of Bonifacio Case Study

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1. Did Rizal supported the 1896 Philippine Revolution of bonifacio? Why or why not?
- I don’t think he did. If I were to tell based on what I understand in his point of view, he don’t want Filipinos to revolt yet, because he knew that this will not succeed. But on the other hand, I think that he supported it on his own ways. He wanted Filipinos to be free, one of the reason why he build the group “La liga Filipina, it’s because he wanted too, to revolt but I think he is still waiting for the right time, that is why he didn’t agreed into revolving. He think that the resources of the Filipino is not enough, that we cannot win the fight with only knives while the opponent uses guns and armalites. The opponent of the Philippines is well resources
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The very reason why he used his pen, paper and talent. He wanted to fight the Philippine’s opponent by using his talent. One of the reason is him with the propaganda movement which in the end did not succeeded. Another is, the la liga Filipina, wherein he find the people very harmless and kind. He is a kind of a person where who would not want anyone to be in danger or to be harmed, he is very caring and he cared for us. Rizal condemned the KKK of bonifacio in the reason that he wanted the Filipino to study first, he wanted to make the young Filipinos to be an educated persons so that the revolution he had in mind would be the same with what will happen. Bonifacio did not understand this side of Rizal, he only knew that Rizal wanted to gain freedom of our country, but bonifacio still continued the revolution. The problem is, Rizal wanted us to be free completely from the Spaniards, it is indeed true that bonifacio did put them away from our country but how about the culture they retained in our country? The vices, the other bad habits that the most Filipinos inherited from them. We did put away the physical enemy of our country but not what they left us with. For example is the culture they left us that we already inherited from them, just like gambling, drinking liquor and such that a Filipino citizen would not always do. Another is their blood …show more content…
First he was a Reformist, he wanted to reform the country, the very reason why “Propaganda Movement” was built. They wanted to send their aims to the Spanish government by using their writing talent. And then, the aim was to make the Philippines a province of Spain just like the other countries. Rizal wanted to reform because he wanted to make the Filipinos have their free will in everything, for example is in education. Rizal is aiming for a good education for everyone, just like his character in his two novels. Crisostomo Ibarra, wanted to help the Filipinos that is why he studied in Europe to help our fellow Filipinos after he graduate. But some things might not just work out, like the movement that in the end did not worked and failed. He tried to win by reforming but the people around him is not the people he need to be with or he wanted to be with, they are jealous of each other that seem to be the barrier in fulfilling their aims and goals. Another barrier is the lack of communication, they could be a very busy persons but the members of the propaganda movement seem to be not as cooperative as they needed to be. Rizal went home leaving his mates, and even his parents disagrees with him, going home to the Philippines he still continued and went home. And when he got home, he build a league wherein he seems to be very helpful because they listen to him, but few days after he was arrested, the

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