Electric Cars Vs. Electric Car In The Industrial Revolution

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Electric cars versus Gas powered cars

Cars are an important part of the human life. It is used for everyday tasks such as commuting to work, school, and events. Humans love to find the fastest, most cost-effective ways to get a job done. Even though the job gets done faster doesn’t mean it 's the most ethical way being done. At the time of the Industrial Revolution is when advanced machinery and mechanics were introduced into society. Creating the need to have better transport for building material and parts for other machines. The first car came out in 1885 it wasn’t that powerful of a vehicle only a one cylinder engine not many people got to buy it the first time.Only the rich could afford such vehicles. By the 1900’s everyone drove a car a thus creating more of a carbon footprint. 5 years later a car created by a chemist would make the blueprints create a car that would change the world over time.In order to fix this problem is why
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The car was cheap and had the great quality better than its earlier cars before. It obliterated all competition with its competitors because how inexpensive it was to own one. “It cost 850 dollars in 1908 when it first came out then the price decreased as time went on too making it a low price of 300 dollars in 1925”(history.com staff 2). The starter of the car also changed instead of hand cranking it to start; this car had the battery powered starter to power the vehicle. It had a sliding gear changer on the actual steering wheel and was controlled by the brake foot. Henry ford wanted to create a car for the everyday people so they could have access to what people thought was a luxury to the rich. Since it was more compared with price more than overall quality it had problems but nothing too major. It ruled for many years as a gas powered vehicle. Fast forward to the 21st century and the electric car is better and more efficient than ever making a good

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