Little House on the Prairie

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  • Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Little House Analysis

    the Little House series, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder was a mother, a teacher, a farmer, a journalist, a loyal democrat, and an active political protester extraordinaire. However she is also the mysterious writer with her fans always asking what is true or fake in her books. ⅝ of her “Little House” books won Newbery awards. Laura even has a literacy award named after her called the “Laura Ingalls Wilder Award”. She was the first awarded in 1954. l. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born to Charles Philip and Caroline Quiner Ingalls on the 7th of February, in 1867. She was one of five children, she had an older sister named Mary Amelia, and two younger sisters, Carrie and Grace. (article 3) Carrie was born August 3, 1870, and Grace was born May 23 1877. They also had a little brother named Charles, who was birthed November 1, 1875, but died at nine months old. (article 6) As a child, Laura moved around quite a lot and really only settled in some places for a year and moved again. She was born on a farm frontier around Pepin, Wisconsin.…

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  • The Little House On The Prairie By Laura Ingalls Wilder

    Laura Ingalls Wilder likes to read and write. Another thing she likes to do is make books. She was the one who made the book series The Little House on the Prairie. Her series had nine books about two little girls and her family living on a prairie. Her connection to MIssouri was that she lived in Missouri when she was a little girl. That is where she published the book series The Little House on the Prairie. Childhood This…

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  • The Little House On The Prairie: Should Parents Spank Their Children

    In the show, The Little House on the Prairie, Laura was spanked light heartedly. While, the spanking in the film was light hearted the spanking that happens today is not. It has been a controversial in the media about if parents should spank their children or not. Parents should not spank their children because it causes disorders, it’s ineffective and it’s inappropriate. Many parents agree after doing research about child punishments. First of all, Spanking tends to cause disorders like drug…

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  • Realism In Willa Cather's 'A Wagner Matinee'

    against the background of the wild land she came to love, therefore she became known for her depictions of the American frontier- again something that we see in “A Wagner Matinee”. The main characters in the story are Clark, who lives in Boston, and his Aunt Georgiana who gave up her life there to move to Nebraska. In her youth during a visit to rural Vermont, Georgiana met a very charing country boy who she became quite fond of, his name was Howard. He promoted her to make the move so they went…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Most Prominent Architects In The Twentieth Century

    Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most prominent architects in the twentieth century, was very influential in the field of stained glass windows. He designed over 160 buildings containing many stained glass windows, of which almost 100 were built, which amounts to around 4,000 windows in total. Many of Wright’s houses had many windows, including the Dana and Martin houses with around 200, and the Little house with around 300. Wright also developed new styles of stained glass windows, including…

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  • Laura Ingalls Wilder Author's Life

    Times were tough when Wilder came into the world. She grew up on the prairie with her family of five. Laura Ingalls Wilder stories reflect her life in the midwest. Her pioneer lifestyle and the struggles of raising crops and a family are often the subjects of her work. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born February 7, 1876 in a log cabin close to Pepin, Wisconsin. This was the home her first book “the Little House in the Big Woods” was written about. She was the second of five children born to…

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  • Jim's Prairie Case Study

    could also be concerned about how Jim’s prairie has no trees, and they would possibly want tress for their lawn to create shade. Also, in order to manage a prairie, it needs to be burned every year. This is a concern that could possibly be made by both the neighbors and the city inspector because it is very dangerous even though it would be a fire that is controlled by fireman. There is the possibility of the houses and other lawns catching on fire. The city inspector could be also concerned…

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  • My Antonia By Willa Cather: Summary

    Otto Fuchs calls for Jim and tells him that he is in charge of driving him to his Grandparent’s farm. With very little memory of the long drive that night, Jim arrives at his Grandparent's house early in the morning. The first couple days upon arrival, Jim settles in and tries to make the new farm feel like home. Early Sunday morning, Otto Fuchs drives Jim and his Grandparents over to meet their new Bohemian neighbors, the Shimerdas. During the ride, Jim anxiously examines the prairie wondering…

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  • Comparing The Beauty Of The Prairie In My Antonia And A Wagner Matinee

    Beauty of the Prairie In My Antonia, Jim respects the prairie. He has reverence for its vastness whereas the narrator of “A Wagner Matinee” felt distain towards the prairie. Jim recalls a time when, “we were so deep in the grass that we could see nothing but the blue sky over us and the gold tree in front of us. It was wonderfully pleasant.” He finds the unvarying nature of the grass and sky to be relaxing, while the narrator of the poem finds it monotonous, as shown by the quote, “I had not…

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  • Black Footed Ferret Research Paper

    and the European polecat[1]. They are fossorial and nocturnal hunters that can be seen during the day[1]. Most of their diet is prairie dogs, but they do eat voles, rabbits, and mice on occasion[1]. They hunt for their food year-round, even in deep snows and negative temperatures[1]. They are capable of digging well, but instead utilize pre-dug prairie dog burrows as their homes[1]. It is said that they can live in the wild for 3 to 5 years, and that male BFFs are larger than the females[2].…

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