Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Little House Analysis

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The author of the Little House series, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder was a mother, a teacher, a farmer, a journalist, a loyal democrat, and an active political protester extraordinaire. However she is also the mysterious writer with her fans always asking what is true or fake in her books. ⅝ of her “Little House” books won Newbery awards. Laura even has a literacy award named after her called the “Laura Ingalls Wilder Award”. She was the first awarded in 1954. l. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born to Charles Philip and Caroline Quiner Ingalls on the 7th of February, in 1867. She was one of five children, she had an older sister named Mary Amelia, and two younger sisters, Carrie and Grace. (article 3) Carrie was born August 3, 1870, and Grace was born May 23 1877. They also had a little brother named Charles, who was birthed November 1, 1875, but died at nine months old. (article 6)
As a child, Laura moved around quite a lot and really only settled in some places for a year and moved again. She was born on a farm frontier around Pepin, Wisconsin.
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Rose Wilder lane, Laura’s daughter, who was a reporter for the San Francisco Bulletin, encouraged her mom to start writing her first book, which was an autobiography, called Pioneer Girl, but it wasn 't published because the publishers would not accept it. In 1932, Laura had her first book published. ‘Little House in the Big Woods” paved a way for the “Little House” book series. It is about her life in Pepin, Wisconsin. All of her “Little House” books recount a memorable place she lived at during her childhood.
Laura’s writing career first kicked off in 1911 when she started writing articles for the “Missouri Ruralist” about her agricultural career. (article 2) It was through her agricultural career that Laura had a window into the writing world. With Rose helping Laura, they managed to get Laura’s articles published in “McCall 's” and “Country Gentleman”; these two national magazines did wonders for Laura’s

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