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  • The Theme Of The Road In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a post apocalyptic story about a father and son’s journey to the south. It is set in mid 20th century America. The desolate land is covered by a thick layer of ashy clouds, causing the temperature to drop. At the start, we find the Father and Son sleeping in a wooded area. They begin their journey on the ash covered road. The pair walks with their cart and sacks for miles upon miles. Stopping only for short nights of sleep or to scavenge for food. Their goal is to make it south, where it is warmer. As they go on, they pass through many small cities and towns, filled with empty aluminum houses, trash, and ash. When the father and son arrive at the man’s childhood home, they begin to see the full desolation…

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  • The Fire In The Road

    Throughout the entire novel, “carrying the fire” has been a significant term that is used by the man and the boy. The importance of carrying the fire is referred to as the ‘good guys’, as the man and the boy encounter few people in the novel. However, the boy finds it hard to determine whether they are the good guys who carry the fire or the bad guys. Which is why the man shows his son how to carry the fire with him. Later on, when the father dies, it is up to the boy to continue carrying…

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  • The Road Not Taken

    What was the last decision you made? Do you wonder what might have happened if you chose differently? This is the same feeling Robert Frost wrote his famous poem The Road Not Taken about. The poem is about reflecting upon and fretting over a past decision, a decision you may feel you chose poorly or picked the wrong option. This feeling happens so commonly, everyone has experienced it at some point, and on different levels of intensity. It can happen when you think maybe the chocolate ice cream…

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  • The Road Not Taken Metaphors

    hinders the outcome of our future. The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is the best poem in the world as it symbolizes the hardships and struggles we, as humans, are demanded to face in order to arrive at our final destination. The poem also conceals an underlying message; one road is not necessarily the right choice. The use of metaphors, symbols, and imagery assist the author in provoking his idea with clarity. Firstly, the entire poem is an extended metaphor symbolizing the…

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  • Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    The Road and its Large Cultural Impact in a Short Period of Time A man forced to go to his limits to protect the last glimmer of hope in his world, the story of The Man in Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road contributed to the birth of the ever-growing post-apocalyptic genre. Set in a time where the world is a place of depravity, The Man and The Boy are the two glimmers of hope. The journey down the perilous road to their idea of salvation inspired not only the other in the novel, but a large…

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  • The Road Not Taken Persona

    Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken” shows his capability of writing his poems about life, as if he was familiar with the origins of the earth. In fact, Robert has lived in various farms throughout his life: Frost has experience in nature’s environment. While living on the Derry farm he was able to write great poems, but at the age of thirty-eight he sold his farm to move to England with his family, and there he arrived with three completed books: two were published in England (Voices and…

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  • Road Rage Essay

    Brianna Rysavy 5/23/2016 Aggressive Driving/Road Rage Paper Aggressive driving has been a problem on our roadways for a while, and it seems to only be getting worse. Incidents of screaming, rude gestures, and sometimes even violence are reported frequently on the road and have come up with the name: road rage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines road rage as when a driver "commits moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property; an assault with a motor…

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  • Untraveled Road Analysis

    that sometimes people just do what is easier for them and don’t make the right decision. Both “Untraveled Road” by Thousand Foot Krutch and “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost agree with this statement in their song and poem. This quote describes how some people in our society make decisions today. In the song, “Untraveled Road”, Thousand Foot Krutch explains how being a Christian can be difficult in our world which is full of evil and danger. They say, “We walk, where no one wants to…

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  • Road Not Taken Nonconformity

    Life resembles a road, one that is long and curvy. Just like roads, life is full stop signs and one must decide what direction to take. However, unlike roads, life does not provide a navigational system that directs someone to their desired destination. One must make decisions and rely upon those choices made to get them to their preferred destination. Robert Frost in his famous poem “The Road Not Taken” talks about a man who comes upon one of life’s stop signs and he must decide what road will…

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  • Gravity Road Speech

    There are many theories that there was a girl that was killed on Gravity road and now forces cars that are in neutral and objects back up the hill so they don't go through the same tragedy she went through. A group of boys wanted to test this phenomenon and they decided to go on a road trip and test it out. they came to the stop sign and to their amazement it worked and they went back up the hill. There are many legends of what people think happened and one of them was a lady and her husband…

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