The Rotunda

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  • Rotunda Speeches

    young, it was from the shower to my room. In high school, it was the football field during a homecoming pep rally. Now, in college, I can confidently say that all my hard work has paid off and I am prepared to take on my greatest feat of all: streaking the Lawn. As a swimmer, getting there and back as quickly as possible (all while minimally clothed) has always been of the utmost importance to me. At UVA it will be no different, as I have worked tirelessly up to this point and will, without a doubt, be the fastest streaker the school has ever seen. To streak the lawn, you must first undress under the newly renovated bright lights of the Rotunda. This is…

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  • Jefferson's Vision

    Assignment 3 Jefferson’s vision for the university of Virginia was for it to be separated from the church. The University itself has many different parts to its plan, and was meant to be very symmetrical. On the east and west end of the church there are dormitories that were used for housing the men who attended the University. Each set of dorms had a shower room and outhouse were attendants could shower, and go to the restroom. Along with the showers and dorms there were also dinning halls.…

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  • Pantheon Symbols

    As a notable symbol of the Roman Empire, the Pantheon displays breakthrough architectural ideas, important historical events, and the people’s dedication to religion. The Pantheon has revolutionized modern architecture; its defining features, the dome, and Oculus can be seen in famous buildings all around the world, most evident in the White House, the Jefferson Memorial, and the University of Virginia Rotunda. The history and background of the Roman Empire influenced the physical architecture…

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  • The Pantheon

    designed the pantheon was the entrance portico, the circular dome rotunda, and to have a connection between both structures. The materials that were used to make the pantheon consisted of wet lime, volcanic ash, and pozzolana. Pozzolana cement was one of the strongest cement at that time and is a form of cement in which the romans were the first people to discover this form of material in which helped them later construct other buildings that are still standing up to this day. The pantheon was…

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  • Write An Essay On The Pantheon

    Archeological excavations has found that the original Pantheon was destroyed except for the facade. It was then rebuild by Trajan after a fire destroyed the second building. It is currently being used for worship by the Catholic church. The front part of the Pantheon takes its cues from the Parthenon, but that's where the structural similarity ends, with the Pantheon hosting a large sphere dome called the Rotunda behind the Parthenon-like facade. An oculus, or an opening that allows the sun to…

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  • The Pantheon In Ancient Rome

    that measures approximately 33.1 meters by 13.6 meters, and its columns measure 11.8 meters high (Cartwright). There are three rows of these columns, and all of them are parallel in reference with each other. The pediment found atop the portico is an obtuse triangle, and other triangles similar to it are placed in various locations in and on the Pantheon. The monstrous rectangular bronze doors that hide the rotunda are 12 meters in length and 7.5 meters in width. The rotunda itself is…

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  • Architecture Influence Of Roman Architecture

    The great modern example that is inspired by the pantheon is the Roman Catholic Church in Mosta, which called “Rotunda of Mosta”, that was built, in the nineteenth centaury and designed by Maltese architect Giorgio Grognet de Vassé. Its dome is among the biggest on the planet. Roman construction in architecture and interior has inspired advanced building design. Individuals utilize the strength and power in current spots There are large number of structures inspired by Romans in America,…

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  • Capitol Building History

    It is filled with many gardens, flowers, and of course, trees. According to my tour guide, the building is based on the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. When the building was in the process of being built, the architects wanted it to look extraordinary and grand, so it was constructed in a neoclassical style, which was very popular back in the 1800s. The first thing you notice when you see the building for the first time are the massive columns, which are located at the entrance. There…

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  • Comparing The Parthenon And The Pantheon

    circular open rotunda, with alcoves along the edges for display. It is clear that the Pantheon was intended for people to come into and see the beauty of the interior, whereas the Parthenon, like most Greek temples, was intended for individuals to look into it at the statue of Athena in her temple home from the exterior, framed among the Doric order columns (, n.d.). Standing at the respective exteriors, individuals would also note that the friezes beneath the pediments are…

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  • Roman Revival Vs Gothic Revival Analysis

    talented minds, he was the one who first imagined an identity of American architecture. Let’s step back to Andrea Palladio (Figure 2) who Jefferson called the “bible” for him. The first few plans of Monticello were heavily based on Palladio’s drawings of the Pantheon. Jefferson clearly saw Palladio as his mentor in architecture when he self-taught himself. For instance, the five orders that Palladio summarized from ancient Greek columns in his book The Four Books on Architecture (I quattro libri…

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