What Happened To Mary Maloney's Murder?

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Mary Maloney had now moved out of the house where she killed her husband Patrick. She moved into a small apartment where she was going to raise her unborn child she was a month away till it's due date. She didn't know its gender. So she decorated the nursery with Winnie the pooh characters. Mary thought about how she killed Patrick often and how she had gotten away with it so easily. But she did wonder if he would have been a good father if would have helped put the bed together, and help pick out names and what names he would have chosen? Mary still keeps in touch with the officers at the station He worked at they had no clue that they ate the weapon used in Patrick's murder.

About 2 weeks before the due date Mary has been experiencing pain and discomfort. She went to the hospital, a nurse with beautiful blond hair and blue eyes that had a name tag that said “ Jackie” said, “Mrs.Maloney you're in labor”. Mary Maloney was in shock she though she had another 2 weeks. After 6 hours Marry gave birth to a baby girl he named her Chloe after her Aunt. She was so happy, Chloe had very similar facial features to her father they had the same nose and ears she looked like him closer to the end of his life bald. Mary giggled at that. May had no time to tell anyone she was in labor or that she had given birth. So she began
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He rented the whole cafe and he decorated it with pictures of them as children at the begin and as you walked toward their table they got older. On the table was a letter that he wrote her the first month of their relationship, by this time Chloe is in tears. Sean says “ From the moment I first saw you I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, are the most beautiful woman inside and out. Chloe Rose Maloney, will you marry me?” Then Sean went down on his knee and pulled a ring out of this pocket. Chloe started crying and

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